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You Can Be a Data Scientist Using Just Spreadsheets (Yes, Really!)

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Do you ever feel like you could just order a side of Hadoop with your Cassandra and enjoy it on your CouchDB? The tools are everywhere. The ability to use them is hard to come by. Here are some simple and basic techniques to help drive process improvement for your organization.

Speaker: Stacey Schipper

Stacey is an Analyst in human services where she spends her time coaxing data into a usable format and trying to stop the tools from wagging the analytics. With a complimentary Ellie’s Brown Ale Stacey she can generate quick, reliable and easy to use information. When she’s away from the computer you can probably find her up a mountain.


6:30pm Doors open
6:45pm Talk starts
7:45pm Talk ends
8:00pm Door closes

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