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Welcome, Computer Graphics lovers! We are a meetup dedicated to graphics programming. Everyone is welcome at these meetups. No matter your experience level or your background, the meetup is designed to be inclusive for anyone that wants to attend.

We usually work through computer graphics books or tutorials on a weekly basis, though sometimes we have project presentations from members.

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Minimum Path Tracer

Online event

Jonathan Baker will go over his minimal dependency CPU pathtracer done using analytical intersection primitives. 'This talk will contain some informal walkthrough of code.

By using these more exact representations, when compared to some issues faced by SDF geometry, a more precise scene description can be achieved. He will show off some basic materials and the main pathtracing loop, and talk about the logic that governs producing an image with a simple pathtracing implementation.

Presenter: https://jbaker.graphics/
Path Tracer Repository: https://github.com/0xBAMA/AirplaneMode

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