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We are data activists with a deeply-rooted passion for data. Our experience and continued work with organizations of all sizes produces undeniable results and allows organizations to thrive through the use of data.

Along with our data activism comes the mission of educating the data community on innovation and innovative ways to deploy data projects. This conversation comes with constant research and working with global organizations to embrace modern data solutions.


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Upcoming events (2)

2nd Annual GDM Women Panel Discussion with Top Data Leaders in Denver

Join Great Data Minds: Women for our 2nd annual panel discussion with some of the most visionary women leaders in the data world.

OFFICIAL REGISTRATION HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2nd-annual-gdm-women-panel-discussion-with-top-data-leaders-in-denver-tickets-161494665893?aff=meetup

We are so excited to present our second GDM: Women event! We will feature a (slide-free) lively panel discussion with some of the most inspiring and thoughtful women leaders in the world of data.

Panelists include:

Sharon Allpress: Digital Products @ DCP Tech Ventures
- Focus: "Active in the Middle of Innovation"

Jessica Iriaite: Data Science Manager @ Well Data Labs, Inc.
- Focus: "Breaking Gender Barriers in Oil + Gas"

Lisa Fritz: Global Head of QA @ Janus Henderson Investors
- Focus: "Artfully Managing Explosive Departmental Growth"

Kalia Garrido (Host): CMO + Co-Founder @ Great Data Minds

Get your coffee and settle in for this great virtual event. This is a key event to learn from the women in data that have come before us and established thriving careers. Grow your network and enjoy a lively discussion.

OFFICIAL REGISTRATION HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2nd-annual-gdm-women-panel-discussion-with-top-data-leaders-in-denver-tickets-161494665893?aff=meetup

Path to a Modern Analytics Program - Executive Workshop

Join us for this five-part virtual workshop where we will cover key areas of a cohesive data practice.

TO OFFICIALLY RSVP, please visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-path-to-a-modern-analytics-program-executive-workshop-tickets-168078857387?aff=meetup

Digital transformation is disrupting every industry across the globe and every company is now in the software business. The Business Analytics space is a key area where agility is not an option, it is a business imperative. Enterprises must learn how to adapt and evolve quickly to increasingly rapid changes in technology capabilities, government regulations, competitor advances, world events, and economic conditions to avoid extinction.

Most organizations are at a crossroads with their data management & analytics programs. They have to embrace this urgency and adapt quickly while ensuring their foundational program can support this rapid pace of change and growth.

This instructor-led, live (virtual) workshop was designed to educate those that are tasked with the management and oversight of analytics programs. This is not a technical workshop. Through our training modules you will learn:

You will learn:

- Why companies that are data-driven organizations are thriving and what it takes from the executive suite to get there.
- Current market trends and how they impact data programs
- What modern data management looks like including architecture, governance, compliance and more
- Why self-service analytics programs are key to data-driven organizations
- DataOps: Why it is mandatory for durable, extensible, available and secure analytics programs
- Delivery processes and tools to support successful agile analytics programs
- The humans: What successful analytics teams look like
- The vision and roadmap to a successful data-driven program

TO OFFICIALLY RSVP, please visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-path-to-a-modern-analytics-program-executive-workshop-tickets-168078857387?aff=meetup

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