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Permaculture + Pollinators
Creighton Hofeditz will speak about Permaculture and Pollinators. He will cover the basic framework of the design science of permaculture, and some of the diverse applications it has in Colorado and around the world. We will pay special attention to the essential role pollinator habitats play in permaculture systems, and discuss ways to create pollinator friendly neighborhoods that are a by-product of good whole-system design. Creighton grew up in Morrison, CO and obtained an undergraduate degree in theater before switching paths with his first Permaculture Design Course at the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute in 2011. He worked with Peter Bane during the editing process for The Permaculture Handbook and has worked on several permaculture designs in Denver, including home systems, a highway exit, and the curriculum for the new permaculture-based Denver Montessori Junior/Senior High School, where he is currently a full time teacher. He spent two years apprenticing at the at Bullocks’ Permaculture Homestead in Washington, and was a contributing author and editor for Jerome Osentowski's book The Forest Garden Greenhouse. Creighton is also currently the president of the board of the Denver Permaculture Guild. He loves the challenge of crafting unique, elegant, well-patterned systems in any environment--and the continuing opportunity to help others to do the same. Are you interested in doing what you can to help reverse the serious decline in pollinator health? Concerned about the impact of pesticides on human health and the environment? Frustrated by working alone? By working together we can learn about the issues, educate our neighbors, park, schools and government and advocate for change.

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This is a place to meet other locals interested in Urban Homesteading and simple living skills like gardening, food preservation, caring for livestock, wilderness survival, alternative energy, edible landscaping, permaculture, container gardening . . . sustainability and resilience. These skills enable you to live harmoniously with nature's processes thereby improving the habitat for all living things around you.

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