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Muslimish at the Humanist Hub: Growing Communities and Extending Dialogues
The Humanist Hub is delighted to partner with and host Muslimish for an extended program on Sunday, April 29. This will be a conference featuring a variety of speakers on the experience of ex-Muslims, and Muslims of varying degrees of religiosity. We invite you to join in this special event at the Humanist Hub. Speakers: -Wissam Charafeddine Cofounder of Muslimish, Arab American Educator, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Former Imam and a current Islamic reformer and Freethinker secular activist. -Hannah A. Muslimish NYC co-organizer, Middle Eastern Studies & Religious Studies, Completing Masters at City College of NYC, Grew up Christian, Practiced Shia & Sunni Islam and currently a teacher in an International High School. -Rafya Oskui Muslimish co-organizer, Business Owner, Healthcare Professional, Pakistani American, Women's Rights Activist, Mother, Change Maker. -Ginan Rauf Muslimish Historian, Secular Humanist, Feminist, Educator, Photographer and Mother. Doctoral in Comparative Literature from Harvard, MA in Near East and Judaic Studies from Brandis, Rutgers, University of Connceticut and University of Bridgeport. -Ali Rizvi Author of The Atheist Muslim, Physician, Musician, Grew up in Libya/Saudi Arabia/Pakistan, advocate for Secularism, Science and Reform, particularly in the Muslim Community. Featured in the New York Times, The Atlantic, CNN, The Huffington Post, CBC, BBC, The Globe, The Mail and a range of other media outlets. About Muslimish: We are a group of Ex-Muslims and Muslims of varying degrees of religiosity. We come together from diverse backgrounds, and cover a broad spectrum of views and positions from atheist to agnostic to theist, ex-Muslim to cultural Muslim to believing Muslim, and more. Amidst this diversity, we share common cultural traditions and come from Muslim backgrounds. We are united by a common goal of fostering a questioning atmosphere. We criticize ideas without criticizing the people that hold them – for no idea should be so sacred to be beyond human curiosity and discussion. We believe we can question religious beliefs without adopting discriminatory attitudes towards our communities. We encourage skeptical thinking but deplore all forms of bigotry including racism, sexism, classism, anti-Semitism, and ageism. We believe in a strict separation of church/mosque and state and strongly feel that no state should impose religious or irreligious beliefs. All citizens are entitled to exercise their free speech and live without fear of persecution or censorship. Such a society would serve both the religious and irreligious. Pre-registration: it's easy, here: (note the date on the ticket is wrong)

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We are the Boston Area Chapter of the American Humanist Association. Basically, we are the people living in the Boston Metropolitan area (extending into New Hampshire and Rhode Island) who believe in Humanism and try to live a Humanistic life and who like to get together in association with each other in formal or informal humanistically oriented activities. The pages of this web site will describe what these activities and associations and services currently are. We are governed by our Chapter By-Laws. We hope that you are able to make use of them and that you will join with us on occasion.

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