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Introduction to the GMC Burlington Section Meetup Group:
Welcome to the Green Mountain Club Burlington Section 'Outdoors Adventures Meetup Group'. This group gets together for informal pickup-hikes, snowshoeing, bicycling, paddling, and any other outdoor outings that let us enjoy all our area has to offer.

This Group is sponsored and managed by the Burlington Section of the GMC. You don't have to be a GMC member to join this group or go on any GMC outing! All are welcome. And all GMC members are welcome to lead trips.

You may be wondering, ‘I thought the Burlington Section website and quarterly Ridgelines newsletter are the places to go for the weekend-outings schedule.’ Well, you are right. This Group is in addition to those trips. Those outings remain unchanged and will not be listed here. This Meetup Group is to help organize informal ‘pickup’ or weekday outings with shorter lead times.

How does this work?
Are you a GMC member and want to lead an outing? Post it here! Want to join an outing? Reply to the organizer. That’s it. Is that really all?

Some outings listed here may give a meeting time and place. But others may require you to check with the trip leader first. This is so the leader can make sure you are prepared for the outing, and so the leader can manage the number of participants.

Become a trip leader! There is no formal training and the only requirement is that you are a GMC member. Most learn by watching others and you can volunteer to co-lead hikes if you are not ready to fly solo. Most of us learn by observing and doing. We have an excellent trip leaders guide that can help.

The GMC makes every effort to keep all on our trips happy and safe. Our leaders are enthusiastic volunteers but are not professional guides. Every person participating should be aware of the inherent risks in outdoor activities and of their own capabilities. All are responsible for their own safety. Minors must be accompanied by parents on these trips. GMC Membership:
Please see the membership tab at greenmountainclub.org for more about joining the GMC. The mission of the Green Mountain Club is to make the Vermont mountains play a larger part in the life of the people by protecting and maintaining the Long Trail System and fostering, through education, the stewardship of Vermont’s hiking trails and mountains. Joining is a way of showing your support for the important stewardship role the GMC has. In 1971, the Vermont Legislature passed a resolution, recognizing the Club as “the founder, sponsor, defender, and protector” of the Long Trail System and delegating to it responsibility for developing policies and programs for “the preservation, maintenance, and proper use of hiking trails for the benefit of the people of Vermont.” By joining the GMC, you are joining the preservation of hiking in Vermont.

Upcoming events (3)

Bird Monitoring Walk

Ethan Allen Homestead Museum

Join Winooski Valley Park District's (WVPD) environmental educator, Juli Tyson, for the next bird monitoring walk. This time we will walk around WVPD's home base, the Ethan Allen Homestead. Recently there have been Common Redpolls, which are an arctic visitor! We will hike 2-3 miles depending on how long it takes us, there are 3 loops we can check out. Meet us in the parking lot by the information board where you can borrow binoculars, field guides, and snow shoes (if they seem necessary). We may have snow, we may have ice, we may have grass, but we won't know till it gets closer. Be ready for whatever the Vermont weather decides to bring.

Mansfield Ridge

Needs a location

From the Underhill State Park we’ll head up the CCC Road and Maple Ridge to the Forehead, Sunset Ridge , then follow the Long Trail alone the Mansfield Ridge to the Chin, and descend Sunset Ridge or Laura Cowles trail. Difficult snowshoe. Moderate pace. 8.6 miles. 2500' elevation gain. Note that this is a difficult hike. The trail is steep in places, and you will need snowshoes with good traction, and some experience using them. You may want microspikes too, in case the trail is packed out. Unless you know that you you won't need them, I highly recommend poles. As with any winter hike, dress warmly in non-cotton layers, bring food, water protected from freezing, and a headlamp (just in case). I want everyone coming to be sure they are ready for this, so read the above and if you have any questions, ask. If you feel ready for the hike, send me a message and I'll send you the meeting place. I am not simply posting it because I want each participant to make sure they are ready for the hike.

Laraway Lookout

Needs a location

From the Long Trail parking on Codding Hollow Road we’ll follow the Long Trail up to see the ice formations on the rock wall below the Laraway summit, continue to the Laraway Lookout, and return. Microspikes absolutely required, as the ice below the cliffs can be extensive, and snowshoes required since the trail may not be well packed. Moderate snowshoe. Moderate pace. 4.5 miles. 1600′ elevation gain. Contact event organizer for meeting location.

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Mt. Abe Snowshoe

Park & Ride

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