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On top of the Elephpant - language design and compiler on top of PHP

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19:30 CEST - The online Google meet room wil open.

20:00 Talk about language design and using #PHP as a compiler by Jan-Marten de Boer

Have you ever wondered how your code is being read and interpreted? Do you feel the urge to write your own language, but don't know where to start?
This talk, by Jan-Marten de Boer, shows some of the basic concepts of programming languages. It gives pointers on where to start, resources to consume, design approaches to consider and a few pitfalls for the over confident.
As a reference, an example language is described in PHP. However, the concepts and approaches in this talk do not require PHP, which makes this accessible to those unfamiliar with PHP.

21:00 After the Talk - Share your ideas for future presentations, events and activities, also, socialise, and have fun with Home Made cold drinks from your fridge ;)

Social Media for questions:
(Jan-Marten de Boer)

Some nice reads for before the presentation:

Vaughn Pratt - TDOP - (Paid paper) - The bright mind that invented top down operator precedence.

Douglas Crockford - Parser for simplified JavaScript -

Douglas Crockford - Syntaxation -

PHP - Lexical structure -

PHP - Grammar -

Cal Evans - Interview with Sara Golemon -

Ben Eater - Build an Arduino EEPROM programmer -

Feel free to consume those resources as you see fit. The talk will not assume you read any of it.
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