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Training Day: An Orientation Session for Timid Riders, Sun 2/23, 9am (Saratoga)

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Training Day: An Orientation Session for Timid Riders

(new location . . . . . rain cancels)

• YOU: You have been riding for a while --- few months, or even few years. You are comfortable riding in straights, but not as comfortable riding in the twisties. You wear your helmet, full protective gear, keep your bike in good working condition, but still, you feel intimidated by the backroads which are narrow with lots of twists and turns. Passing a bicycle makes you nervous. Seeing a car coming in a turn scares you.

You hate going downhill and are not a big fan of uphill, especially if there is also a turn involved. You want to pass this stage and get yourself to the next level. You want to ride the twisties and really have fun instead of being nervous.

• WE: We are a bunch of riders with years of experience. We will guide you in small groups through some of the most beautiful motorcycle roads on the planet, and at a pace where you can concentrate on riding smooth without worrying about having to keep up.

• WHEN: Sunday 2/23/14 Arrive 9 AM, KSU 10 AM

• WHERE: New location - Wildwood Market Saratoga (

14413 Big Basin Way, across the street from Starbucks


Revised Lead/Sweep/Riders:

Revised List - Lead/Sweep/Riders:

* Group 1: Lead Miguel (Cafe Racer) / Sweep Dave (on CTX) : Andrea S; Brian S; Dan G; Han; Mark, Michael, Patti; Paul W; Rex M; Tiffanie; Todd S; Tom L; vizcarmb; Andy Wong

* Group 2: Lead Chris (Ninja) / Sweep GERARDO

Adarsh; Ram Reddy; Alexander S.

* Group 3: Lead Marty / Sweep Terence

Ashish K; Michael; Patricia A.G.;

* Group 4: Lead Dave (F800GS) / Sweep Hank W.

Rene R; Venu; Ram

* Group 5: Lead Eric “ecoyne” / Sweep Bob Ratto *

Keith K; Prashant Ch; Wendy

* Group 6: Lead Jeff Smith/ Sweep Steven M. *

Abhay B; Alexi P; Anthony S;

* Group 7: Lead Lorne B / Sweep Alan S *

Cinder E; Mark Aurelius; pdd7

* Group 8: Lead Richard / Sweep PAUL

Kateri+1; Ronnie

* Group 9: Lead * Brad / Sweep Shlomi

J. Costillo; Waleed; Steven; Trina

* Group 10: Lead Tom / Sweep wout *

Alexandru L; Claude H; David W;

Group 11: Lead Toni / Sweep Mark B. *

Denise B; Mangesh; Sean Nguyen

At large crew (video, photos, back up lead/sweep, etc): David; Douglas; Farid; Grady; Mehran; MrLister; Smitha; Yaron


* * * Park and stage in rear of the store * * *

• PACE : Mellow :-)

• GEAR: Head to toe, please.

• MOTORCYCLE: Yes, bring it with you.

• ROUTE: GPS Routes Available Below

AM Route:

9 West all the way to Felton

Right on “Felton Empire”

At “Empire Grade” go straight … it becomes “Ice Cream Grade”

Continue until “Pine Flat”. Left turn at “Pine Flat”

Continue until Hwy 1 (Coast). Turn right at Hwy 1 and go to Davenport

Park on or near Ocean Street / Whale City Café)

AM GPS Route Here!

PM Route:

North on Hwy 1 to Gazos Creek Gas Station (stop for gas)

Back on Hwy 1 and immediately turn right into Gazos Creek

Stay on Gazos Creek to Cloverdale (stay left at fork in the road).

Right at Pescadero Creek and ride to 84/La Honda Rd

Make a right on 84/La Honda and ride all the way to Skywood Trading Post on 35/Skyline

PM GPS Route Here!

* * * * Space is limited ... when we start the wait list, priority will be given to newer riders * * * *

Words of Wisdom:

~ Please review Liability Release statement at THIS LINK (

~ Proper gear, a working machine and gas in the tank is highly recommended.

~ Ensure you and your motorcycle are in good working conditions.

~ Ride within your comfort zone and leave room for bad karma.

~ Ride staggered in straights. In twisties single file and 2-3 seconds apart. Leads may pass slower traffic when it's safe. You don't have to. Remember, someone will wait for you at turns, so just relax and have fun.

~ Leads will maintain the Pace according to road conditions with safety of all riders in mind. Be mindful of others in the group. Let faster riders get ahead of you by moving to the right and signaling them to pass you. And if you want to pass the rider(s) who are in front of you, make sure to do so safely and without startling them.

~ Do not make unsafe passes, or pass from the right.

~ When we stop at gas stations, fill up. That may be the only gas stop of the ride.

~ If you need to leave early, be sure to tell the lead and sweep. Be in the back of the group when leaving so no one follows.

~ It's a good idea to have road side emergency and towing service membership (e.g., AAA). It pays off after one tow.

~ Good stuff to read before going on group rides (CLICK) (

Please keep an eye for the rider(s) behind you so they won't take a wrong turn. If they get lost, we all have to go look for them: