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Come here and KISSIMMEE!!!!
We are heading back into the center of Florida for this event! We will be meeting at the Big Toho Marina. From there we will be heading out across Lake Tohopekaliga (say that fast 3 times!!), then through the Lake Toho Lock-S61 (Locks are fun!), with our final destination being the Port Steak and Seafood restaurant on Lake Hatchineha where we will chill out, eat, drink, and/or converse. After that, we will cruise leisurely back to Lake Toho (it is permissible to abbreviate that) and head to Brownie Wise Park to chill out in the sun for a while. Bring chairs, sun screen, towels, food and drink (whatever you like), and whatever else you can think necessary. DONATION NOTE: I will have a "Donations Box" on my boat for people who want to help offset the cost of fuel for the captains who bring their boats. The donations will be split equally between all captains. You do not need to donate if you do not want to, but it would be nice if you did (and appreciated too). RSVP NOTE: The number of attendees for this event will be limited by the number of boats we have going. Therefore, no guests will be allowed via the RSVP option. However, if you do have a "non-member" guest who would like to attend and see what this group is all about, please message me and let me know. I will do what I can to get them onto a boat. Otherwise, RSVP for yourself only. Boat assignments will be made at the boat ramp. 72 HOUR NOTE: In an attempt to reduce the number of last-minute cancellations and no-shows, and to be respectful to the people on the Waitlist (when one begins), this event has a 72 hour cancellation cut-off. Any changes in RSVP status to Not Going that occur within 72 hours of the start of this event will be considered a no-show. Any member who accrues three no-shows will be automatically placed on the Waitlist for future events, and only permitted to attend an event if space is available. When you get to this event, please remember to sign in (I'll have a sign-in sheet available). PARKING NOTE: Do not park in the areas designated for trailers. I have heard that you may actually get ticketed or towed. Not a good way to spend the rest of your day (plus it's rude to the boaters). Message me (Matthew) if you have any questions.

Big Toho marina

69 Lakeview Drive · Kissimmee, FL

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    We are a boating group that plies the waters of the Gulf, to the shores of the Atlantic, and all the bodies of water inbetween: to boat, sail, gunkhole, ski, scuba, picnic, fish, lobster, scallop, camp and enjoy all that the quentisential, pristine Florida climate has to offer. If you are looking for local knowledge from experienced skippers who have been there, done that, and know the ins and outs of the bodies of water from the open ocean to the narrow rivers and lakes, this is the club for you!


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