Meet Amazing Women in Data

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This group is for women who work with and love data. Our goal is to bring together women who work in data or who would like to work in data - to support one another, share experiences and talk data - big or small! Whether you’re a student just embarking on a career or a seasoned data professional, this group is for you. We want to connect and inspire amazing data women with diverse expertise and experience.

At this event, we’ll have more great talks from data scientists, engineers and Founders - so come along, ask questions and meet other women who love data!

• 18:30- 19:00 Networking with food & drinks
• 19:00- 20:30 Lightning talks from our women in data speakers and Q&A
• 20:30- 21:00 Networking & wrap-up

• Kerry Parker, Data Scientist at IQBlade and Co-Organiser of TechNomads: Kerry is a Data Scientist based in Liverpool, working for IQBlade, a B2B business intelligence platform. With a PhD in Particle Physics, she has always enjoyed working with data and solving problems and now mainly uses python for work and for her own passion projects. Kerry also co-organises TechNomads, a monthly meetup group in Liverpool for people interested in learning about new technologies, sharing ideas and networking. Find her on twitter:, or connect with her on LinkedIn:

• Viv Yau, Founder of the Influencer Marketing Agency, Bee Influence: Viv is the founder of Manchester’s first dedicated influencer marketing agency, Bee Influence. She comes from an advertising background and has represented some of the UK’s biggest influencers at Gleam Futures in London (Zoella’s agency). Bee Influence have delivered influencer marketing campaigns for the likes of Vistaprint, LG, I Saw It First, JigTalk and Pink Cloud Beauty Co. Find her on twitter:, or connect with her on LinkedIn:

• Jennifer Stark, Lead Data Engineer, LADbible Group and Co-Organiser, PyData MCR: Jennifer is the Lead Data Engineer at LADbible, and uses Python and Google Cloud Platform to develop data pipelines and data products. She has a PhD in Neuroscience from The University of Manchester, a Professional Masters in Information Visualization, and a Certificate in Data Science. Find her on twitter:, connect with her on LinkedIn: or visit her website:

Thank you to Evolution ( for kindly sponsoring and supporting our events, to Rachael Ainsworth ( for sponsoring the costs of the Meetup group through her Software Sustainability Institute fellowship, to Sticker Mule ( for sponsoring our stickers, and to Auto Trader UK ( for hosting us!

Auto Trader, our venue hosts strive to ensure all events are inclusive, accessible and that all those attending feel as comfortable as possible. Therefore, whilst signing up, please tell us if you have any of the following requirements:
- Dietary
- Allergies
- Accessibility or specific requirements

A reminder that our events are open to anyone who identifies as a woman and by registering for this event you agree to abide by our Code of Conduct (

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