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HER+Data MCR ("Her plus Data Manchester") is a community working to connect, inspire, support and empower the NW UK’s Women in Data! We meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

HER+Data MCR is a Meetup group which brings together anyone who identifies as a woman and has a connection to data - whether they work with data, would like to work with data, and/or simply have an interest in data! The scope is intended to be broad to include as many women within STEM as possible while also maintaining a focus on the topic of data - we talk data science, analytics, research, visualisation, software, applications and experiences women share working in male dominated environments. We have members whose backgrounds range from academia to industry, students to CEOs, neuroscientists to idea implementers. We meet once a month (on the 2nd Thursday), provide ample time for networking, and showcase 2-4 women in data speakers who talk about their career paths, role models, challenges faced and data projects that they work on. We also conduct masterclasses a few times each year on topics such as CV writing, interviewing techniques and salary negotiation to empower women to progress in data roles.

HER+Data is a space where everyone can share their stories and develop. We're volunteer driven so we keep our events simple and informal. There will be great content, laughter and a room full of data women from various backgrounds. So come along, ask questions, and get inspired! And if there are specific topics that you would like to see discussed then please let us know. We are always happy to explore new ideas and new collaborations. HER+Data was originally founded in Dublin, Ireland as XX+Data by Karen Church and the Manchester chapter was established by Rachael Ainsworth.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/herplusdatamcr
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Youtube: https://tinyurl.com/herplusdatamcr-youtube
Email: herplusdatamcr@gmail.com

Thank you so much to Evolution Recruitment Solutions for sponsoring our events! Evolution delivers IT and tech recruitment solutions for niche and volume contingent, retained search, RPO and contract assignments. Our specialist recruitment consultants partner with their clients to provide the best quality candidates for hard-to-fill roles. Using customer intelligence from the relationships we’ve developed, augmented with data from social media, events, networking, and advertisement responses, provides us with a detailed profile of the IT professionals our clients need. Evolution is different because we don’t just recruit in the IT and tech sectors, we are actively and consistently involved in the industries – including our involvement with HER + Data. We are committed to promoting equality and diversity within the IT and tech industries. 2019 statistics show that women make up only one-in-six tech specialists in the UK, Evolution is committed to improving these numbers and highlighting the importance of women working in IT and tech.

We would also love to thank the Software Sustainability Institute for sponsoring the cost of our Meetup page and to Sticker Mule for sponsoring our stickers!

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The importance of data and digital health with One Health Tech

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HER+Data MCR is a community working to connect, inspire, support and empower the NW UK’s Women in Data. Our goal is to bring together women who work in data or who would like to work in data - to support one another, share experiences and talk data - big or small! Whether you’re a student just embarking on a career or a seasoned data professional, this group is for you. We want to connect and inspire amazing data women with diverse expertise and experience.

For our October event, One Health Tech and HER+Data MCR are joining forces to hold a panel discussion around the importance of women in data in digital health from different perspectives. We have invited 3 fantastic women colleagues who work at the interface of data within health tech to know about their career journey and how other women have supported them. They will discuss how women should and are already enriching hot topics in tech like automation and AI, information governance, interoperability, data security, clinician and patient experience, among others. We are very happy to have them with us to reflect and discuss to empower more women, the data and health sector, and most importantly, helping to increase patient outcomes!

Title: The importance of data and digital health: Women empowering women in their career journeys

Chair: Alex Hernandez, HealthTech Policy Advisor at NHS Shared Business Services. A healthcare consultant with 10+ years experience in evidence-based policymaking in healthcare and planning to enhance transformation in healthcare. She leads on the Innovation Gateway Project looking to support digital innovations finding a complaint route to market. She engages with suppliers and NHS colleagues- from clinical to procurement leads. With a background in economics, my work has focused on the interface between public health, health economics and healthcare and digital policy working. I am passionate about transformation of models of care, diversity and inclusion in health technology.


Hazera Forth, Associate Director of Digital Analytics and Intelligence Digital, Data and Technology at NHS South, Central and West. Hazera has 20+ years expertise in the health informatics sector across a number of organisations. She has worked in various data management and senior analytics roles and worked on data warehouse mobilisations, national registries and managed operational delivery for insight driven organisations. A media background with a degree in Media Practices and Journalism and a post graduate certificate in Health Informatics, Hazera also undertook a Change Leadership 6 month training programme as part of a selected cohort of managers in the NHS in 2013. Hazera’s interests are in EDI, community development, arts and charity (refugees), including being on several committees as a trustee and secretary between 2015 and 2019.

Dr Leanne Smith, Interim Director of Digital at the Welsh Ambulance Service Trust (WAST). Leanne is responsible for the ICT and Data & Analytics functions – keeping essential emergency service systems live and operational teams informed, whilst also driving forward the transformation of technology and intelligence within NHS Wales. Leanne’s background is in data science and Operational Research, and she has spent her career applying her expertise to health care settings: she has a PhD in Mathematics from Cardiff University for research into the optimisation of ambulance location and patient survival; she previously led the analytics function at the London Ambulance Service; and has also delivered simulation technology and modelling for emergency medical services across the globe with Optima.

Deepa Tambe, Head Of Reporting Technology at Barts Health NHS Trust. Deepa has a varied background in engineering, telecommunications and IT. She began in engineering companies, moved into manufacturing and from there to improvement and management consultancy, before focusing on data. Her current role involves looking after all of the technologies behind the reporting. This encompasses providing the capability to build reports for the end users and implementing a business intelligence platform. What drew her to the role was the fact that the data she was working with could have a serious impact. “For NHS, I thought this is where it's real, the data is real, it comes to life. It is about saving someone's life, it is critical. It is important, as well as critical. And that's why I chose to move to this role.”

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