East Bay MeetUp: Improving Patient Experience Through Healthcare IT


Save the date for the East Bay MeetUp on May 10!


• 6:30 - 7:30 pm: Networking

• 7:30 - 9:00 pm: Presentation and Q&A

Topic: Improving Patient Experience Through Healthcare IT

Patient Experience has been defined by the BERYL Institute as “The Sum of All Interactions, Shaped by an Organizations Culture, that Influence Patient’s Perceptions Across the Continuum of Care”.

Patient Experience currently contributes 25% of the Total Performance Score impacting Value Based Purchasing incentive program and hospital revenue. Technology provides for “real time” service recovery, improved employee utilization and efficiency as well as enhancements in patient partnership of managing their care when transitioning from the acute care setting. The presentation takes a creative look at the areas that utilization of technology enhances the patient – care provider experience, improves clinical outcomes and the adds monetary value to the hospital system.

Speaker: Barbara Loveless, Lead Clinical Strategist for Sonifi Health

Barbara Loveless, MS, RDN, EMBA is currently Lead Clinical Strategist for Sonifi Health. She is a career advocate for the use of healthcare technology for improved efficiency and quality care. As clinical strategist, she partners with clinical leadership in the development of effective healthcare system strategy to create an excellent patient and caregiver experience. Prior to her current position she worked at a major EMR vendor representing population health care and regulatory reporting solutions. She has thorough knowledge and experience in healthcare regulatory reporting and the financial impact to health systems. Barbara holds a Bachelor of Science from Texas Tech University; Master of Science from University of Kansas and most recently completed an Executive MBA from University of Missouri-Kansas City.