What we're about

Working within the fields of HPC and AI? Come and join us! This is a new group for anyone involved in high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI). The group aim is to bring individuals together who are working on the convergence of HPC and AI from both an applied and theoretical basis to network, share insight and build partnerships across both industry and academia.

The group is organised from London, UK (so the majority of meet-ups will be based here) but we're hoping to hold additional meet-up's across the UK and internationally.

The group and meetups are vendor neutral and meetups will be specifically moderated to ensure attendees and presentations are not overly sales focused. Central topics to our discussions will be HPC, AI and machine learning, working with GPUs and computing within the cloud. New topics are very welcome - get suggesting!

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hpc_Ai_Meetup

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HPC & AI MeetUp (Bristol)


HPC & AI MeetUp (Manchester)

The Midland

HPC & AI MeetUp #2 (London)


HPC & AI MeetUp (London)

Us&Co Monument Flexible Workspaces & Meeting Rooms

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