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What we’re about

Are you a beginner coder, not sure what to do, or working on a cool programming or web project?

The best way to learn is to do, and the best way to do is to do together!

Come and Hack & Learn together, in an environment where serious learners thrive with positivity and respect for all. While we may focus on Python, JavaScript, and React, we are open to any coding enthusiasts who want spend a few hours hacking away on coding projects together.

• We mostly code with Python / Django and JavaScript / React, but any projects or technologies are welcome!

• Maintaining an inclusive, welcoming coding environment is a high priority. We are committed to following the Contributor's Covenent Code of Conduct.

• Just broadly curious about learning to code in general? Even if you don't know coding, feel free to show up to get some tips of where to start.

• We often have some development computers to spare, but bring your laptop nonetheless.

This event is hosted for the public for free by Kickstart Coding, which services the Oakland area with affordable, cutting-edge, and inclusive courses.

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