Code Unplugged - CS Concepts for Beginners

Hack & Learn - Beginners (& pros) coding cool projects
Hack & Learn - Beginners (& pros) coding cool projects
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Oakstop Coworking

1721 Broadway · Oakland, CA

How to find us

The event will be hosted at Oakstop in Uptown Oakland, which has great BART access (directly above the 19th Street BART Station, take 17th and Telegraph stairs). The outer door is often locked, so you'll have to buzz-in (read door for instructions)

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We'll be doing a FUN hands-on workshop on concepts in CS theory, in easy to understand language, instead of an open ended hacking session.

This is a repeat of the last one in August -- so if you missed that, come to this one! If you did come to last one, then this will be identical, so just stay tuned for our other events.

We'll be doing hands-on activities, so no need to bring your laptop to this one.

Details below:


* Learn collaborative problem solving with computer science concepts

* Engaging for both coders and non-coders alike

* Learn algorithms through hands-on demos

* Learn to solve visual communication challenges / UX challenges

*Build group problem-solving skills with challenges that reveal actual
engineering concepts

* Learn Big O notation in lay-person terminology (great technical interview skill)

* Light snacks will be provided