Hackers and Founders - Dogpatch Labs, San Francisco

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113 people went

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New Hackers and Founders Classifieds

We're really excited to announce the Hackers and Founders classified section (http://thestartupdigest.com/classifieds/category/hackers-and-founders/) on the Startup Digest web site. Thanks to Chris and Brendan at Startup Digest for setting this up for us.

A word about our sponsor...

Beer, pretzels and popcorn are sponsored by WePay (http://WePay.com). We've been using WePay to manage payments for Hackers and Founders, and we love the service.

They recently hired Rasmus Lerdorf (http://techcrunch.com/2010/04/27/php-founder-rasmus-lerdorf-joins-group-payments-startup-wepay/). If you ever wanted to work with the creator of the programming language that powers a full third of the internet. This is your chance. WePay is hiring (https://www.wepay.com/about/jobs).

The Meetup

Welcome to the summer of Hackers and Founders San Francisco! From June to August we will meet once a month and hope to continue the tradition this fall.

Here's how it works.

The Agenda:
It's about hanging out, having a beer and some pretzels and talking about...

* Shiny technologies we're playing with
* Startups we founded or are thinking about
* Stuff we read about on Hacker News
* The latest geek and startup news
* Special kudos to the member that can recite tau (http://tauday.com/) to 20 digits and explain in plain english why pi is wrong.

...among other things.

The Location:

Some people have had difficulty finding this location. The maps on Meetup.com and Google Maps for Pier 38 and Dogpatch Labs are wrong. Please don't use them. You will end up very far away from the meetup, wandering around lost with a bunch of tourists.

Use these directions instead ...

Dogpatch Labs is on the second floor of the Pier 38 building. Pier 38 is located between Pier 40 and Pier 36 on the Embarcadero. Pier 38 is not next to Pier 39 for some reason. Bing maps gets it right (http://www.bing.com/maps/#JnE9LnBpZXIrMzgrc2FuK2ZyYW5jaXNjbyU3ZXNzdC4wJTdlcGcuMSZiYj0zNy43ODk2OTM0ODE0NjQ1JTdlLTEyMi4zNzM5MTczNjc0NzclN2UzNy43NzU0NDgwMTY0MDY3JTdlLTEyMi40MDIxMTI3NDg2NDE=).

Here's the Google street view of the door (http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&client=opera&q=pier+38+san+francisco+map&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=38+Pier,+San+Francisco,+California+94111&gl=us&ei=ixupS_bnHaW4tgOxw-Qw&ved=0CAgQ8gEwAA&layer=tc&cbll=37.782563,-122.388071&panoid=kV_K0lxJqKiR4C4bihW9gw&cbp=12,118.51,,2,6.69&ll=37.782445,-122.388079&spn=0.001503,0.00287&z=19) you will be going through. A big orange H sign will be posted on the door.

We'll prop this door open, but if the door gets shut for some reason, you won't be able to open it from the outside. If this happens, call us at[masked] or[masked]. We'll have someone let you in.

Follow the signs upstairs. You will know you're in the right place when you find people drinking beer wearing orange "Hello" name tags.


A very special thanks to David Hegarty, Founder and CEO of Hollrr.com (http://hollrr.com/) for making arrangements with Dog Patch Labs for us to use the space. He's put in a lot of work on this and we are very grateful.

Future Meetups:
If you can't make it this time, we're having another H&F SF in a couple of weeks. Or you can always come down the peninsula to Hackers and Founders Mountain View in two weeks.

See you there!