Hackware v2.2: Vintage Computing Special

This is a past event

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"If you have any old piece of hardware include game consoles, just bring it down and give a talk. It does not matter if the hardware is not fully functional, bring it and talk about its history is fine.

Can contact any of the admins to request a speaking slot. It is best if you have video converters to convert the video signal to minimum VGA or best HDMI to facilitate recording by Engineers.SG (https://www.facebook.com/engineersftw/)."

Please also fill in this form for the venue security purpose. Please bring your photo ID:


We are moving to first Wednesday of every month from September to avoid organising meetups during most popular weeks of the month.



(5min) Back to basics: Laws of physics and electronics - Sayanee Basu (https://www.facebook.com/sayanee)
(15min) Floppy Disks - Lau Bernice (https://www.facebook.com/cratesandbones)
(20min) Windows 3.1 on vintage and modern hardware - Yeo Kheng Meng (https://www.facebook.com/yeokhengmeng)
(20min) Underwater ROV - Remotely Operated Vehicle - Hakim Hamid (https://www.facebook.com/hakim.hamid.16)
(10min) Demo of open source FPGA tool chain - Michał J. Gajda (https://www.facebook.com/mjgajda)
(5min) Slide rule - Yeo Kheng Meng (https://www.facebook.com/yeokhengmeng)
(5min) Energy harvesting and its impact - Darshan Virupaksha