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The C++ language has seen a surge of activity over the last few years, involving the language itself, its ecosystem and the community. Haifa::C++ is a group for C++ developers who would like to expand their knowledge of the language, tools and related technologies. Our group meets once a month for a talk, mingling and hopefully some pizza ;)
Slides from most events are available in our GitHub page and in the comments section of the talks.
The group is supported by several companies, listed on the Sponsors Page - their help is highly appreciated! 
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And since Israel is a small country, you may also be interested in the southern (to Haifa) community of Core C++. The two groups share the goal of building an Israeli C++ community, and collaborate on various initiatives.

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C++ standards committee: trip report and local activity

Nahum Het St 7

Haifa::C++ is happy to invite you to its March meeting, where Ran Regev (Beyeonics) will share his experience as a member of the C++ standards committee. Ran will describe the committee's local activity and share his impressions from the latest international committee sessions.

17:30 - Gathering at Beyeonics
18:00 - C++ standards committee: trip report and local activity
19:00 - Wrap-up and mingling

Talk Abstact:
In this talk, Ran Regev will share his personal trip report from the last ISO C++ meeting in Issaquah WA, USA. Unlike other trip reports, he will not present the latest and greatest features of C++23, which were finalized in this committee meeting. Instead, Ran will share his personal experience from the meetings he participated in. He will also present the ISO work that is done at Beyeonics and welcome each and every one of the participants to join this fascinating activity.

Speaker Bio:
Ran Regev is a C++ Software developer since 1999. Found his home at Beyeonics in 2021. Israel C++ national body committee member since its beginning.

About Beyeonics:
Beyeonics Vision and Beyeonics Surgical are medical technology companies that aim to integrate their digital surgical platforms in operating rooms using augmented reality, tracking and image processing/AI technologies. The automated processes are providing surgeons with valuable information and decision guidance that creates a synchronized surgical environment.

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Distributed, Parallel, Heterogeneous

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