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Due to COVID-19, we suspend all (physical) events. However, as things look better, we're happy to support the Core C++ 2022 conferece, September 5-7 in Tel Aviv.

The C++ language has seen a surge of activity over the last few years, involving the language itself, its ecosystem and the community. Haifa::C++ is a group for C++ developers who would like to expand their knowledge of the language, tools and related technologies. Our group meets once a month for a talk, mingling and hopefully some pizza ;)
Slides from most events are available in our GitHub page and in the comments section of the talks.
The group is supported by several companies, listed on the Sponsors Page - their help is highly appreciated! 
Looking for a C++ job? Check out our list of companies offering C++ jobs. Already have a job? if your company isn't listed, would be great if you could add it to the list.
And since Israel is a small country, you may also be interested in the southern (to Haifa) community of Core C++. The two groups share the goal of building an Israeli C++ community, and collaborate on various initiatives.

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C++ Parallel Programming Models

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Typical Type Typos

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CMake for big projects: from best practices to a framework

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