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What we’re about

The Hamilton Entheogenic Society provides an opportunity to connect and learn more about the safe, transformative and liberating use of psychedelics & Non Ordinary states. We to offer monthly community accessible events:

  • Online Integrations Groups offer members a safe space to integrate and find meaning from psychedelic journeys
  • Quarterly Online Love Light Meditations (with optional assistance of cannabis) for building helpful skills to navigate psychedelic exploration like: relaxation, body awareness and intentional focus, and;
  • Special Education events offer individuals a safe & informed place to learn with a focus on harm reduction

***Our events are not a place for members to promote their business or services***  Members are invited to participate and share from a personal perspective only and omit sharing anything that describes, sells, promotes or inquires on psychedelic products / services or events.  Members who do not follow this guideline will be removed from the group.

If you are a psychedelic product or service providers wish to connect with Mary or Walter to share your passionate gifts in this feild - reach out in a private message - we'd love to connect!