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Find some peace of mind through nature, exercise, and socializing. We have a full calendar and a friendly group.

We love the outdoors, we love the benefits of walking and we love the company.

• 200 Hikes and Walks annually.

• 6 History Hikes annually.

• Seasonal Member Appreciation Cookouts.

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Benefits of Nature, Exercise and Socializing:

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• Nature (http://www.cambridgeblog.org/2018/07/research-reveals-benefits-of-experiencing-nature/)

• Exercise (https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2013/apr/05/brisk-walk-healthier-running-scientists)

• Socializing (https://www.simplemost.com/health-benefits-of-being-social/)

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Camping in False Cape State Park

Little Island Park


Recharge in this beautiful and somewhat isolated park.

Friday we depart Sandbridge, with all our gear, for 7 seven-mile hike or bike to Barbor Hill. We will set up camp under the live oaks and stay up to three nights. There is a freshwater spigot at the campsite.

This is a quiet and comforting place to explore. This will be our 8th annual camping trip to False Cape. I know the trails and will guide campers to our sites Friday and though the park in the days following.

Participants can opt to travel on foot or bicycle from the parking lot in Sandbridge to the campsite. We hit the trails at 10:00 am on Friday morning.

Campsites accommodate four people and some sites have the option of a beach or maritime forest set up. Hopefully, we get everyone on-board early and will be able to get the nicest plots.

Saturday we will explore the graveyard, fire tower and other hidden mysteries in the former Washwoods settlement.

BICYCLING: A great option is to bring a sturdy bicycle(or rent one on the way into Sandbridge) and see the park without walking 20 miles.

WALKING IN AND OUT: Beach or road options. Minimum of 14 miles up to 26 miles once you add in some day hiking.

Every hiker should understand the mileage required and park rules by clicking here (http://www.dcr.virginia.gov/state-parks/false-cape#general_information).

We have compiled a list of provisions based on our past camping trips to False Cape.

False Cape Checklist (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F6kdpWqH5ZEhAJ4T9buVg4pqutPrYTp-B70p609rOAo/edit)

The park staff is always very helpful and has several vehicles patrolling the park.

Reschedule date is October 23rd if the weather is intolerable but we have not missed one of these trips due to weather as of yet.

This event is limited to members who have hiked with our group on at least two occasions and a dues status of "paid" only.

Hi Everyone,

As you may or may not have heard I have access to electric bikes and have made arrangements to us some of them on this camping trip.

Last year some of us rented regular beach cruisers and trailers for the trip. It made it so nice and the fee was $78 plus tax for the weekend including delivery and pickup.

Here is what we sorted out for the options this year...

E-Bike Option-

Weekend e-bike and trailer rental with free delivery: $110 (this is usually $190 plus delivery fee).

Camping trip fee: $40

Total: $150

Regular Bike Option:

Rent a regular beach cruiser and trailer from Ocean Rentals in Sandbridge: $80 plus tax

Camping trip fee: $40

Total: $120 plus tax on bike

Wait, this is a hiking club Option:

Camping trip fee: $40

We call ourselves a hiking club. So please everyone traverse in the manner that you will enjoy the most. The regular beach cruisers made the trip totally relaxing last year. E-bikes will make totally fun.

Also note the checklist for gear posted on the event page. If you have any suggestion for improving the checklist let me know.

Below is a paypal link to submit payment for this trip. The link gives you the option to set your own dollar amount.

Enter $40 for the camping trip fee if your hiking.

Enter $150 to use an e-bike.

Enter $40 If you want to use a regular beach cruiser and trailer. Ocean Rentals gave us great equipment and friendly service last year. If you choose this option enter $40 dollars. I can help you with booking through them if you give me a call at[masked].


Anyone who wants to use an e-bike should stop by the shop and take one around the block to familiarize themselves with the bikes before our trip.


We currently have 5 e-bikes available and 5 rsvps. Please choose a payment option and pay asap or before April 8th.

Ride the Ferry-Explore Old Towne

Waterside District

Explore Old Town in Portsmouth and ride the Elizabeth River Ferry en route. We meet at the Norfolk Waterside. After an informal tour spanning 3-4 miles, we catch the boat back to Norfolk. Please bring exact change of $4 for your round trip ferry pass.

Our annual dues option is available here…

Norfolk Five Burroughs Urban Hike

Chrysler Museum Glass Studio

Explore Ghent, the gritty NEON District, roam Granby through Downtown to Waterside. Finding our way back through Freemason completes this stroll of Norfolk's eclectic riverside Burroughs. This will be a 4-5 mile walk with plenty of distractions.

Find some peace of mind through nature, exercise and socializing. We have a full calendar and a friendly group.

We love the outdoors, we love the benefits of walking and we love the company.

Our annual dues option is available here…

NEON Contemporary Art Tour-Norfolk

Chrysler Museum of Art

Enjoy a unique pedestrian experience of art, culture, and community.

Hear brief, artist-approved, narratives relevant to 26 artworks and their creators.

We begin outside the Chrysler Museum on our 2-hour, 2-mile stroll through the streets and hidden conduits of the NEON District.

Mike will be your guide:

Having hosted over 600 tours and hikes in and around my hometown of Norfolk, I've spent seven years exploring and sharing.

Each artist has a story and each piece a spirit.

The artists with works featured on our tour were provided with the narrative related to their work. Some responded with valuable feedback and others a kind nod. So what we will convey about the art is synced with the creator's visions and is genuine.

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NEON Contemporary Art Tour-Norfolk

Chrysler Museum of Art

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