HDDG 25 - Electronics in Chunks. Plus a mini-workshop!


Tonight, we're featuring talks by people who are working on making electronics design more accessible.

We welcome Tiffany Tseng, lead UX designer at Autodesk. Her work supports creators in capturing the design process and she'll be discussing some of the design decisions behind the Eagle CAD interface.
Tiffany has a PhD from the MIT Media Lab, an MS in mechanical engineering with a focus on design methodology from Stanford, and a BS in mechanical engineering from MIT, and has previously worked on products ranging from baby gear to consumer products.

We also welcome Asaad Kaadan. Asaad did his Bachelor’s degree in Aleppo, Syria, in electronics engineering and holds both a Masters and PhD in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Oklahoma. He is a robotics engineer working on cinematic tools in his day job, and his passion project is a yet-unreleased modular electronics project called Hexabitz. Asaad will discuss Hexabitz and designing for modular electronics.

After the talks, there will be an opportunity to try out some soldering and embedded software! If you don't want to take part in this, there is plenty of space to hang out and socialize instead.

Asaad will lead us in a brief soldering/ embedded demo, he describes the soldering as “it's extremely easy. Just some blobs on large pads.” The software we’ll use is all free (details at the bottom).

We appreciate it when attendees give 2 minute talks/ demos about their projects and companies (just see the organizers to get set up when you arrive). We'll supply the food and beverages, you bring the discussion about whatever you're passionate about.

Software: Any terminal emulator software would work. Suggested: RealTerm for PC. For more complex examples and writing C code you will need Keil uVision. It’s difficult to find an easy substitute on MAC, but Asaad has kindly agreed to share his laptop if needed. To install Keil, there’s a free license specifically for the micro controller family being used (STM32F0). Asaad will bring all the tools needed for the session (cables, connector, programmers, modules, etc.)

Look forward to seeing you all there!