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HDDG 35: Open Source Biomedical

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Supplyframe's HDDG is back for 2019.
Welcome! Join us to enjoy talks about biomedical engineering this month. Plus snacks and bevs!

Jean Rintoul - Spectra: Open Source Biomedical Imaging
Beau Ambur - EEG: Thoughts and Visions

Jean Rintoul (@jeantoul) has high hopes to improve our healthcare system by pushing forward a health technology commons. Previous experiences include bringing numerous consumer biosensor products to market from the Emotiv BCI to the Basis watch and Kiddo biosensor watch. Her work in Cognitive Neuroscience was published in Nature.

Biomedical Imaging has previously been expensive and near impossible to hack and experiment with. If more people experimented and understood how imaging works we could move it forward much faster and make these transformative technologies available to everyone. In this talk Jean Rintoul will present Spectra: a tiny 2" device that uses safe levels of AC current to recreate an image of any conductive material such as your lungs, arm or head, using the same tomographic reconstruction technique as a cat scan.

Beau Ambur is a hardware hacker and open source enthusiast based in the San Francisco Bay Area. You may have seen them at a con near you wherever there is a hot soldering iron. Recently they've joined Kickstarter's outreach team for Design & Technology supporting creators on projects pushing the boundaries. Hobbies include flashing ESP chips and making blinky lights with MicroPython.

Electroencephalography is an interesting look into the brain via measurement of minuscule voltages. This talk will principally be about several open source projects enabling an entire community of DIY enthusiasts to explore their own minds. Of particular focus will be the brain-duino, created by Masahiro Kahata, a microprocessor enabled Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyzer (IBVA). Beau will cover some of the fundamental theory and principles of EEG, along with the specific challenges of developing related hardware. Overall this should give a view of accessible technology and resources, along with some practical uses and experiments.

DEMO ALERT! Stick around after if you'd like to open source a piece of your brain by trying out the hardware and visualizing your electrical potential.

After the talks, there will be demos, community announcements, and socializing. If you'd like to give a 2 minute demo/ community announcement, please see the organizers when you arrive to get set up.

A community announcement includes looking for a project partner, a job, offering a project/ job, the announcement of your startup launch, your Crowdfunding pitch, etc.

We're looking forward to seeing you Thursday, January 31st, at 6:30pm!

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