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FREE RC Car hacking event! - convert RC car into smart robot car!

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In this one day hackathon, you will learn how to convert an RC(Remote Control) car into a smart robot car using a special hardware board called Programmable System on Chip made by the Cypress Semiconductor company.

!1: You MUST bring your own CAR! Suggested: Walmart Truck: https: //

!2: You'll need these two items which will be available for sale at the event:

- Cypress PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit $25 ;

- H-bridge motor controller $3

We will program the car to drive forward and reverse, turn right or left and drive in a square all on its own.

I made a series of videos in a playlist on YouTube for modifying and coding the F150 RC truck. Here's a link

Also, my two PSoC Creator archives (one a hardware design the other a software design) are up on my github account at

The Cypress PSoC 4 kit performs functions similar to Arduino except has a great deal more capability and programmable flexibility. With Arduino, you must purchase shields to do hardware operations such as A/D controller, PWM, serial I/O, etc. With the Cypress PSoC, all of that hardware is built in and configurable. For instance, if you want to trigger an interrupt when an A/D converter measures a signal over 0.5v, the PSoC can do that all in hardware - no software loop required. The PSoC is also very low power and has sleep modes to conserve battery capacity.

To get the best benefit of the training and keep up with the pace it is strongly recommended to install all the software before the training session. Software installation may take up to 60 minutes not including the download time.

Required Software (preinstall before the Workshop):

PSoC Creator Integrated Design Environment (IDE) (

Download PSoC Creator for Windows (

CY8CKIT-042 Kit Only (

(Kit Design Files, Documentation, Examples)·

Intro to PSoC 4 (

(please download and unzip to your desktop)

Required Hardware:

Windows-based laptop with at least 1 free USB port (you need to bring your laptop)

CY8CKIT-042 PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit (

(you get to keep the kit that we provide) Hands-On Training Workshop - Introduction to PSoC® 4

Workshop Objectives:

Understand the architecture of the PSoC® 4 Programmable System-on-Chip

Learn how to use PSoC Creator™ and the PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit to design with PSoC 4

Learn how to implement digital, analog, CapSense and mixed signal designs with PSoC 4

This workshop was written with beginner attendees in mind. Basic design knowledge is a plus however, there’s little code that the attendees need to write on the spot. This workshop doesn’t demand that the attendees know any of the low-level details. It’s a good fit for a broad audience. Knowledge of hardware description languages such as VHDL or Verilog is NOT needed.

Coffee and water provided.