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SF Hardware Startup Meetup Oct 23rd, 6pm Sponsored by RelianceCM

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Hey Hardwarians! It's time again for another Hardware Startup Meetup on October 23rd at 6pm!

Our sponsor this month is RelianceCM ( who provides contract manufacturing services specifically to help startups bring their prototypes to production. They'll be telling us how they do the whole process: from engineering, manufacturing, through order fulfillment.

Hosting us in their awesome gallery space in downtown SF is Autodesk ( - who you probably know as one of the world leaders in 3D design software for manufacturing, engineering, entertainment, and pretty much everything you can touch or see.

+ Demos

The event is centered around 2 minute lightning demos. The idea is that we get the first look at all the latest hardware companies in the area, and then we get to talk with them after! If you've got something new to demo - we want you! Put your name on the Sign-up Sheet ( and you're in! Also, if you've already pitched a lot, we ask that you wait until you've got an update to give new people space.

How it Works: No slides, no projector, etc. - Just you, your prototype and a microphone for 2 minutes!

+ Volunteers

If you'd like to volunteer, please sign-up here (, and our co-organizer Robert Han will get back to you!

+ Sponsors

If you'd like to sponsor this meetup, or know someone who would, please reach out to us to discuss further by emailing the "email organizer" link on here!

+ Announcements

Check out Indiegogo ('s Hardware Bootcamp ( coming up (9-3pm) Saturday, Oct. 19th at the TechShop Annex in SF. Our own Adam Ellsworth of ProtoTank ( is organizing and has brought together a lot of great speakers like Eric Klein of Lemnos Labs ( and Dave Merrill of Sifteo ( to talk about how to bring your hardware to market! Apply Now ( before it's sold out!

Meetup Co-Organizer Erik Katz is putting on Makers@theMint at Historic Mint building in downtown SF on Nov 23-24. The event is for Makers and Artisans selling products but there will also be a Technology Pavilion for companies showcasing their prototypes and pre-production products. To learn more and sign up, go to: (

For you health startups out there, Rock Health (, a health startup accelerator, is now taking applications until Oct 31 - so Sign Up Now (!

Bay Area Modular Electronics Meetup ( is coming up Oct. 19th at 4pm in San Jose - for all of you modularists out there. Nahid Alam has brought together some great speakers to talk: ElectricImp, BioControllers, and IoT stuff.

As always - let me know if there's anything I can help with, or anything you want to help with!

- Nick