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SF Hardware Startup Meetup
SF Hardware Startup Meetup
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Hey Hardwarians!

It's time for another SF Hardware Startup Meetup on October 25th!

This time around we're sponsored by Highway 1 (http://highway1.io/), and they're hosting us at their super cool Potrero Hill location. Highway1 works with great entrepreneurs to bring transformational technology to consumer markets.

Highway1 is a highly selective, intense, four-month immersion program that includes full-time engineering support; 24/7 access to onsite prototyping labs; a trip to Shenzhen, China to learn about supply chain management and manufacturing; as well as marketing, sales, and funding support. Graduates include Drop (https://www.getdrop.com/), Flic (https://flic.io/),Navdy (https://www.navdy.com/), Podo (http://www.podolabs.com/), and Ringly (https://ringly.com/). Apply to their immersion program here (http://highway1.io/apply) starting Oct 25th.


DEMOS | Share what you're working on with fellow Hardwarians!

If you've got a prototype to show us, or if you just want to talk about what you're working on. The format is: 2 minutes maximum (hard stop), no projector, no slides - just you, your prototype and a microphone! Demoing guarantees you admission to the meetup!



Application opens for Highway1's Immersion program Oct 25th. (more info here (http://highway1.io/apply))

The Hackaday Superconference (https://hackaday.io/superconference/) is around the corner. It will take place on November 5 & 6, 2016 in Pasadena, California. SuperCon is about hardware creation — everything at this conference is geared toward sharing the knowledge, excitement, experience, and motivations that go into building cutting edge electronics.

You're invited to Science Hack Day (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/science-hack-day-san-francisco-2016-registration-28176919926?discount=yayscience), a weekend hackathon Nov 12-13th that brings together designers, developers, scientists, artists, and other enthusiastic people in the same physical space to build 'cool stuff' with science! The event is FREE and no experience in science or hacking is needed - just curiosity!

The Bay Area Factory Tours (https://www.meetup.com/Bay-Area-Factory-Tours/events/234836056/) group is gearing up to visit Vander-Bend on November 1st. Vander-Bend (http://vander-bend.com/) has some pretty fascinating customers including Tesla, Facebook, and Flextronics (http://companies.bizjournals.com/profile/flex/128216/?mkt=sanjose). The factory started out doing precision sheet metal for the electronics industry, such as building computer cabinets,enclosures, and brackets.


Sponsors & Venues - If you, or someone you know, want to sponsor our meetup or host us at their space - please send us an email!

Call for Volunteers - We need volunteers for our events who can help at the door, with clean-up, and more. Volunteering guarantees you admission to the meetup and we have a limited number of slots. Please let us know (message Robert) if you'd like to help out!