What we're about

Yarah Formation welcome all upon the path of self discovery and re-connection to their True Energetic Selves. We work with a unique sound healing instrument known as Pyradym, one of only 30 currently upon the planet Pyradym is a Chakra Aligned Analogue Sound Generator designed to stimulate and facilitate the human body's innate self healing mechanisms.
Through the application of its low frequency wave forms we are able to sweep clear stagnant energies from blocking the flow of the 7 major Chakra centers and restoring them back into alignment.
Free from obstruction our Chakras are able to deliver universal energy to where and when we need it most, we flow with ease and grace, improved mental clarity and a heightened sense of awareness, our cognitive skills are improved and we feel healthier in all areas of our physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual well being.
In addition to the physio acoustic properties of Pyradym we also offer many varied and practical insights and advice into the workings of subtle energies prior to meditation and provide hands on Reiki during for all who may be interested.

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