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Welcoming all levels of participants, these group meditations with Pyradym hold the ability to release stagnant energy blockages that may have accumulated over time from deep within The Human Energy Field.

Pyradym is a Chakra Aligned Analogue Sound Healing Instrument designed to stimulate and facilitate the human body’s innate self-healing mechanisms.

Utilizing the power of sound to gently massage the energy body and restore alignment to the Seven Major Chakra Centers, Pyradym can have a profound effect upon all aspects of our physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual well being.

Releasing stagnant energy from the human field increases the capacity for fresh energy to flow throughout the meridian channels to where and when we need it most.

When operating free from obstruction our mental clarity becomes sharper, cognitive skills improve, we feel a heightened sense of awareness and our everyday life becomes much less of a struggle.

In addition to the physio acoustic properties of these one of a kind sound meditations, we also offer many practical insights and techniques geared toward personal energetic health maintenance and uncover our latest discoveries from the field of Vibrational Medicine and quantum physics.

For those wishing to practice meditation but unable to still their mental chatter long enough, Pyradym is a valuable asset as it prolongs the brain states of the Delta/Theta range which are empirically shown to be the most conducive to mediation and healing.

Pyradym also helps induce Whole Brain Integration. This balancing of the left and right hemispheres stimulates the brain’s neurological structure facilitating better cognitive reasoning, more efficient learning skills and improved motor coordination.

Going "just where it needs to", Pyradym harmonizes both the collective energy field of the group, whilst simultaneously, tending to each participant’s individual requirements.

Made by hand in Ashville, North Carolina and one of only 45 in the world today, Pyradym is built to a scale ratio of the Great Pyramid of Giza, featuring a Brazilian quartz crystal capstone, sacred and bio-geometric design functionality, and a Reiki infused LED crystal particle fountain.

Pyradym may best be viewed as a portable sacred space inspiring positivity, thoughtfulness and well being while imparting a healing atmosphere to the room.

For deeper insights into Pyradym Technology please visit http://www.yarahformation.org or flow with us on Facebook/YarahFormation

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