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To all No-Majs and Muggles, Witches and Wizards!

There's plenty of us Potterheads lurking about Seattle, and it's about time we embraced our Harry Potter-ness. This meetup sets out to connect us together as we explore magical events happening around the city. I also organize weekly meetings! We overanalyze the wizarding world, have book clubs, play HP-themed board games, try our hand at crafts, and revel in our denial of muggledom.

Whether you could ace Potter trivia or you're new to fantasy altogether, everyone is welcome. But beware, there be Crumple-Horned Snorkacks here!

Our meet-ups usually take place on the weekends in Capitol Hill/First Hill, though we do roam around the greater Seattle area. If you have any suggestions for places or events, please let me know!




2020 EDIT: With COVID-19, we are only having online events for the time being. Though I'm still hosting book clubs and discussion nights weekly!

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[ONLINE] Harry Potter Discussion: Magical Items and Where To Find Them

Join us at a Harry Potter Discussion Night, all about magical items in "Harry Potter"! From Felix Felicis to time-turners, there's so much to chat about and poke plot holes in. You just know there's a black market for polyjuice potion, and it's really a horrible idea to give eleven year olds powerful wands. Join us in musing about how universe-breaking these items can be.

We use the theme simply as a starting point. We'll go off on any number of tangents (Potter-related or no), so it's an informal discussion/chat.

IMPORTANT: Due to the storm this weekend, we'll be on Google Meet this week. The direct link's right here: https://meet.google.com/eqv-zjnk-cmi

Some questions we might touch upon:
- Why shouldn't you just down Felix Felicis (luck potion)?
- Does it add to a fantasy story to have a variety of enchanted objects, or does it distract from the plot/characters?
- Is Amortentia (love potion) immoral?
- What is the scariest magical item? Which is the most powerful, and why?
- What would you make into horcruxes?
- If you could have any magical item, what would you have?
- Which Deathly Hallow would you choose?

I hope to see you there!

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[ONLINE] "Order of the Phoenix" Book Club: Chs 26-27

Online event

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