FHIR Meetup: Expert Panel and Networking Event


Health Samurai and UCSF Health Hub are partnering with the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs, and Health Technology Forum to bring conversations about FHIR to San Francisco during the week of the JP Morgan Healthcare conference. Come mingle with the UCSF Health Hub community and hear from experts in FHIR. This event is an excellent forum to learn, discuss your use cases and problems with other healthcare IT professionals, and network.

Come find out how you can start using FHIR in your provider organization, pharmaceutical company, or digital health startup right away. According to the ONC, 87% of hospitals already have products that are FHIR-certified. This means most healthcare data is accessible, or will soon be accessible in the FHIR format.

Speakers and the program

600 Attendees and speakers are arriving

620 Pavel Smirnov, Greetings to the FHIR meetup group - 10 mins

630 Word to a co-organizer and meetup host Mark Goldstein, UCSF Health Hub - 10 mins incl. Q&A

640 Kurt Ericson, Product Manager with Google FHIR team. Kurt will share details about Google Cloud's work with FHIR, driving adoption of FHIR as an operational data model in clinical settings, and building real-time services that consume FHIR data. He will also share details about challenges they've faced helping organizations get started with FHIR - 30 mins incl. Q&A

710 Networking break

725 Word to a co-organizer Uli Chettipally, MD with SoPE - 5 mins

730 Nikolai Ryzhikov, CTO of Health Samurai and lead of the FHIR Storage and Analytics track. Nikolai will talk about the FHIR-first development of healthcare applications and the differences between using FHIR for new healthcare solutions versus interoperability - 30 mins incl. Q&A

800 Networking break

815 Simona Carini, Programmer with UCSF. Simona will talk about the new collaboration between Open mHealth and the FHIR community to make the connection between patient-generated data and the clinical workflow possible. - 30 mins incl. Q&A

845 Pavel Smirnov - FHIR Quiz - 5 mins

850 FHIR Quiz Awards/Closing - 5 mins

900 Bye

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