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Gathering together to give thanks!
GRATITUDE IS ALWAYS THE FOUNDATION OF AN ABUNDANT PATH! Mark and I would love for you to join us on Thanksgiving. A wonderful potluck while we all sit around the tables, relax and share the bountiful harvest of the year. At our past Thanksgiving potlucks we set the table with our own settings. This year we are requesting that this year you bring your own plates, silverware and cups. It reduces so much cleaning up for us. Last year we had three people bring Apple Pie. So when you know what you think you are bringing, please post it. This potluck will be posted on lots of different pages but I will try to organize sharing with everyone what other people say they are bringing. RSVP is very important since we will have to set up the tables and chairs for everybody. I posted the starting time at 2 pm but that is not set in stone. We do want to play some party games. I got the game MEN ARE FROM MARS ANS WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS. That looks like fun. I also got a THE SIMPSONS GAME. It is not a Simpsons trivia game, its a move the pieces around in weird directions game. Then there is always good ol' CRANIUM. The give and take pile is still up and going.

Wendy + Mark's home

40 A Tremont Ave put 40 Tremont into your GPS, we're the house to the left, with 40A on the mailbox · Patchogue, ny


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Welcome to HealthyPlanet's LI Healthy Vegan Meetup! Come to our events to have fun, share healthful meals, discuss vegan diet benefits, health issues and more. ANYONE interested in the healthy vegan diet and lifestyle is WELCOME!

HealthyPlanet is made up of community leaders and volunteers with diverse talents, years of experience and the desire to work together to continue making a real difference in our world. For over 25 years members of the leadership team have been a creative and thriving force behind the movement to educate Long Islanders about simple food and lifestyle choices that lead to powerful health and environmental solutions. Our team has run hundreds of events from Dinner/Lectures featuring cutting-edge speakers from across the country, to Restaurant Outing/Lectures, to film showings, Eco-Cafés, as well as our ongoing Healthy Planet Radio Show on WUSB, 90.1FM. And of course, 100% of our events are 100% plant-based!

We know that our efforts make a difference. We encourage those who are similarly empowered to join us in creating a new vision that continually goes beyond old beliefs about what is possible, and therefore creates vibrant, ever-larger results that are worthy of our lives.

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By joining this meetup group you are becoming a part of our vibrant, caring, and supportive community. We promote healthy vegan food in its natural state, not processed or purified, and stay away from 'junk' foods loaded with trans fats, artificial chemicals, sugar, sodium, and genetically modified wheat, corn, and soy ingredients. Come to our potlucks and try everything from whole grain vegan pizza, to sweet pies, chocolate cakes, hearty and nourishing soups, dairy-free ice cream, fresh salads and fruit, juices, smoothies and more. Get healthy, detoxify, learn from our nutrition experts and gain access to our healthful vegan recipes and health tips.

This group is open to ALL from 'herbivores' and health-conscious vegans to 'omnivores' who are just curious about healthful, organic vegan food. Very few of us are 100% raw vegans, the majority of members are mostly vegans and vegetarians. Our focus is on promoting and moving toward optimal health, well-being, vitality, and longevity -- both personally and globally -- while being committed to nonviolence. We CAN achieve optimum health, while treating all life on Earth (both human and non-human animals) with compassion, dignity and respect.

Meetups include vegan food potlucks, raw food classes, nature walks and hikes, foraging trips, picnics, beach parties, and outdoor exercise classes. Meet our group organizers and active members ( and subscribe to our informative mailing list and message board (

We are encouraging you to become an event organizer. Please contact us if you are interested. Otherwise, participate in our events and bring an organic vegan dish. Check our raw vegan recipes ( If you don't have time to prepare a dish, here is a list of places ( where you can purchase organic vegan food on Long Island.

We celebrate your arrival into our community, and are looking forward to meeting you at one of our events!

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