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The secret by Rhonda Byrne
Open, inspirational discussion on The secret by Rhonda Byrne. This is a very relaxed atmosphere and all are warmly invited. An open mind and a desire to learn and grow through reading is all that is needed here. The secret by Rhonda Byrne is influenced by Wallace D Wattles book The science of Getting Rich. The secret is the perfect book after December discussion of The science of getting rich. The Secret was a best seller in 2006 self help book based on the belief of the law of attraction which claims that thoughts can change a person’s life directly. The book has sold over 30 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 50 languages. The secret was released as a film in March 2006 and later the same year as a book. The film had grossed over $300 million in sales by 2009. People like Bob Proctor, Lisa Nicholas, Ester & Jerry Hicks are just some of the people who had a huge influence in the writing of the secret. Outline of today’s meeting * Let go of the day with a short meditation. * Members introduction. * Short review of The secret by Rhonda Byrne * Open friendly discussion about The secret by Rhonda Byrne * Emotional freedom technique to open up a space to clear any old limiting beliefs and open up your consciousness and embed new beliefs into your subconscious that will help you achieve all you dream of. * Break to help yourself to a variety tea & coffee, cakes, food and snacks. * Thought provoking activity to help inspire you to your dreams. * Closing with short meditation. The Secret great book to kick start 2019 coming together with likeminded people, that also want to take their life direction towards their dreams and desires. Aligning your beliefs and thoughts to achieving all you desire. “We become what we think about. Energy flows where attention goes.” Your £12 includes amazing company with like minded people & as much refreshments and appetiser as you can eat and drink. please remember that there is only room for 14 people & tickets are being purchased on meetup, fatsoma & ziferblat. If you want to guarantee a place please pay for your ticket in advance. This is going to be a popular event. We look forward to meeting you, there is great inspiration for you all here Yinka xx


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What we're about

Hear My Voice Book Club is a inspirational, self development book club.

This book club is for anyone who is interested in reading motivational, self help, spiritual, awakening, mindfulness, healing, law of attraction books. This book club is all about you, you are the star of each book at Hear my voice book club. Sharing your views, perception & helping each other grow.

The book clubs are run in Manchester but there will be an online book club created in January 2019 for those that are unable to attend using zoom app. The books chosen will all be available to listen to in audiobook format. This will provide more options to suit all preferences as some prefer to listen and some prefer to read books. As someone who spent many years recovering from a brain injury an unable to read for many years I know the value of listening to books as well as reading. This book club is to allow everyone to join in regardless of were you live or your circumstances. Each book club will be run once a month.

The group will include open discussion about the book of the month, with likeminded people, meditation, emotional freedom technique and inspirational activities to connect you to your dreams & desires. At the Ziferblat location also unlimited tasty cakes and over flow of drinks.

To Create a NEW life you must Create a New Mind. If there are changes you want in your life, in yourself and in your relationships you must feed the mind with new options and new thoughts. Through reading it can create a new way, new perceptions of looking at life and a new way for you to achieve all you desire.

I started this group for the fun of reading and sharing, after suffering a brain haemorrhage and told i'd i never see again each book club is a reminder for me that you can overcome anything if you don't allow your circumstances to become you. My intent for this group is to uplift and through reading inspire your life to live your dreams. The mind is truly powerful, everything is created through the mind first.

I also share my story at other groups and events which i will also add these dates, as even if i inspire one person to not allow their circumstance to become them it is the icing on the cake of my story.

Look forward to connecting with you all ❤️

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