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Since the creation of the ‘Manifesto for Agile Software Development’ in 2001, many believe agile practices have become decorated to the point where it contradicts its roots. This is why, in 2015, Dr Alistair Cockburn (Manifesto co-author) developed ‘Heart of Agile’ to bring people back to what it’s about.

“We recover the simplicity and power of agile by recognizing that it can be expressed in four words: Collaborate; Deliver; Reflect; Improve.” - Alistair Cockburn

Through the Heart of Agile Scotland meetup group, our hope is to build a space where people of all abilities can exchange, build, and grow ideas, whilst making lasting, meaningful connections. This is not limited to those in the software development space - if you have an interest in agile, or have something to share, please feel free to come along.

Our meetups will generally be themed around one of the four key imperivites (Collaborate, Deliver, Reflect, Improve) and will be held on the first Thursday, every other month.

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Building high performing teams - an introduction to LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method

“Building high performing teams - an introduction to the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method”

Join us for an evening of facilitation fun where we’ll be joined by Robb Lockwood, Creativity and Leadership Coach at Atticus Hunter, who will introduce us to the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method and tools.
During this highly interactive workshop, Robb will guide us through an exploration of our individual and group understandings of high performance through the medium of LEGO bricks and elements. We’ll also look at how this process fits in with the four imperatives of Heart of Agile: Collaborate Deliver Reflect Improve.

Expect to take away actions you can implement with your teams the very next day (and maybe some LEGO, too).

A bit about Robb
Robb is a Creativity and Leadership Coach at Atticus Hunter. Through his work as a trained facilitator in LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methods and tools, he supports teams and organisations in solving complex problems; develop deeper understanding; and building new knowledge. Robb also melds the use of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methods with his experience as a Professional Certified Coach with the ICF to provide transformational change with individuals.


LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is an engaging, creative, and collaborative approach to facilitation using LEGO bricks and elements to help cover serious topics and solve complex problems.

I’ve used LEGO in Scrum training. Is this the same?
I can’t say for certain that what you were using wasn’t LEGO SERIOUS PLAY; however, I can be fairly confident that it wasn’t. There are some great exercises out there which use LEGO bricks and elements but not all of these are considered LEGO SERIOUS PLAY.

I’ve never played with LEGO bricks before (or for a long time). Will I be at a disadvantage?
Not at all - in fact, it might even put you at an advantage. You will be guided through a skill-building element at the start to give you all the competency you need in building, storytelling, and metaphor so that you can best enjoy and learn from the experience ahead of you.

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A hands on Introduction to Test Driven Development (TDD) for all

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