Building on Hedera Hashgraph with OpenCrowd & DragonGlass


In January's edition of our Hedera Virtual Meetup, we're going dive deeper into some of the most popular tools in a Hedera developer's toolkit. Cooper, Hedera's Developer Evangelist, will take us through a demo of the Hedera JavaScript SDK and building a simple website that uses multiple Hedera network services.

In this informative presentation, OpenCrowd’s DragonGlass team will show you how to quickly develop a real-world dApp on Hedera Hashgraph with the help of our set of prebuilt REST APIs. Viewers will learn how to submit and deploy transactions through smart contracts on Hedera, how to subscribe to events within DragonGlass, and how to retrieve historical Hedera data directly from DragonGlass to utilize in their dapps.

Please register for the meetup in advance!

Event agenda —
Introductions (5 minutes)
Live Hedera JavaScript SDK demo by Hedera Hashgraph (20 minutes)
Live querying Hedera with DragonGlass demo by OpenCrowd (25 minutes)
Latest Hedera news (5 minutes)
Q&A (15 minutes)

Livestream Link —

Presentations by —
Ashu Mahajan, DragonGlass Team Lead
Constantin Zemelman, OpenCrowd Technical Lead for Hedera Hashgraph
Shawn Traynor, Co-founder, Head of Solutions
Cooper Kunz, Developer Evangelist at Hedera Hashgragh

Speaker Bios —
Ashu Mahajan is a 20-year veteran of the technology and finance industry with extensive experience in Java/J2EE and complex app development. He brings rich experience in developing microservice platforms, CI/DC pipelines, and high volume trading platforms.

Constantin Zemelman is a software architect and project leader with nearly 20 years of hands-on programming experience in the payments industry, along with substantial smart contract experience with Ethereum and Solidity.

Shawn Traynor has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry with a strong focus in Start-ups and Financial Services. He has extensive experience working with teams bringing both business, technology, and design skills together to form creative solutions for diverse clients. Shawn’s prior work includes managing delivery of complex trading, search, business intelligence, and system integration solutions for leading Financial Services clients

Cooper Kunz is a Developer Evangelist at Hedera Hashgraph, where he helps grow Hedera's strong technical community. Beyond decentralization, his interests include hiking, drinking excessive amounts of coffee, and trying to find the world's best sour beers. Prior to Hedera, Cooper studied philosophy and computer science at the University of Arizona. While there he also ran Hack Arizona, one of the most popular hackathons in the United States.

About DragonGlass —
DragonGlass is a cloud-based service that provides live and historical data across all distributed ledgers. DragonGlass provides google-like search access to a developer API's to access ledger data and events as they happen. The DragonGlass API is a REST API that allows you to query historical data by transactions and accounts on both the testnet and mainnet. Be sure to check it out! (

About Hedera Hashgraph —
Hedera Hashgraph is a decentralized public network governed by leading enterprises that currently include members like Boeing, Deutsche Telekom, and IBM. Using Hedera, developers can build lightning-fast, fair, and provably secure applications or infrastructure on top of the hashgraph consensus algorithm.