Hacking Healthcare on Hedera with Acoer


Livestream Link -- https://youtu.be/P7l2-w8737M

During the February Hedera Hashgraph Virtual meetup, developer evangelist Cooper Kunz will be joined by Ben Chevallereau, CTO of Acoer Limited. Ben will walk us through why he chose to build on Hedera, as well as how their innovative technical solutions, including HashLog and HashLoad, are improving patient outcomes in the Healthcare industry. After that, Cooper will dive into the latest news and announcements from Hedera, then walk through an example application that's built on the new Hedera Consensus Service.

About HashLoad --

HashLoad is a secure file storage and sharing solution. Create your space, invite collaborators and share your documents in a matter of minutes. HashLoad comes with strong auditing capabilities connected to Hedera Hashgraph to transparently demonstrate the immutable data provenance of every document, modification or event happening in the system. HashLoad also provides advanced system event reporting with clear visualizations to deep dive into all actions taken for complete transparency and trust.

About HashLog --

HashLog is a data collection and visualization tool.

As of today, it includes three sub-projects:

1. Health Data Explorer: Platform to support and improve medicolegal death investigation;

2. Knowledge Seeker: Set of data analytics dashboard about clinical trials, dementia, or mortality data;

3. Ledger Explorer: Transaction Explorer and Analytics Platform for Hedera Hashgraph, a decentralized ledger technology.

Speakers --

• Ben Chevallereau - Ben is an industry-leading expert in distributed ledger development, and passionate about blockchain technologies. For the past few years, he has focused on building solutions on Hedera Hashgraph. Ben has extensive experience implementing large scale systems for various industries (pharmaceutical, security, governments) in Europe and in the United States. Currently, he is working as CTO for Acoer Limited, building open, blockchain-enabled, consumer-grade usable technologies.

• Cooper Kunz - Cooper is the Developer Evangelist at Hedera Hashgraph, where he grows and supports Hedera's strong technical community. Beyond decentralization, his interests include hiking, quality coffee, and sour beers. Prior to Hedera, Cooper studied philosophy and computer science at the University of Arizona. While there he also ran Hack Arizona, one of the most popular hackathons in the United States.