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If it's your first time to come, please read our event page carefully. Please use Paypal to pay, we don't accept any other ways of payment. Because Paypal is automatically connected to Meetup.com, so I don't have to manually check each single payment every week. If I accept bank transfer or cash, I will have to check each single payment 25 times!! and every week!! Please NEVER ask me if you can pay by cash or bank transfer.

If you got any questions, you are welcomed to ask me anytime. But please be noticed that I will minimize communication because now the most cost for me to operate this group is communication cost (time used to answer questions). (If everyone just asks 1 question, then it's 25 questions for me to answer, right?)

If you come to our badminton event or after meal, then I will be happy to spend time talking to you, because that's the time I planned for badminton and badminton friends.


We are a badminton group in Helsinki. This group is an independent group that is NOT related to any other groups.

We started to have regular badminton activities since January 2017 every Saturday/Sunday.

This group is operated 100% for non-profit purpose, so all money you paid will be used for the courts and shuttles only. (Organizers take 0 EUR) The best price we can offer is 8 EUR for 2-hour play during the weekend with plastic shuttles. Under this price structure, there are 5 players using 1 court averagely. Of course the price changes sometimes due to the price review done by Talihalli every year or season.

The level of our players is like: 1/3 beginners, 1/3 intermediate and 1/3 between. If you are between beginner and intermediate level, you fit to our group very well. But if you used to play more than 2 or 3 times a week (which probably means you are an advanced player), maybe you won't be satisfied with our game play.

Our home base is at Talihalli where is a relatively good place for badminton in Helsinki area. There are 12 badminton courts in total. The courts are relatively new, wooden floor (which is supposed to be good to your knees), only used for badminton (you don't see other lines on the floor for other sports) and there are big, new and clean shower/cloth/locker rooms, where sauna is free to use as well.

Our group is very international. We have many players from Europe, eastern and southern Asia and our shared language is English, although we have very few native English speakers in our group.

Welcome to play badminton with us!


There is a badminton coach offering restring service with only 15e including the string. You will need to deliver your racket to him and get it back from him directly. He restrings rackets at home.

Racket Core Finland

Lauri Nuorteva

Vironkatu 4 C 20, 00170 Helsinki Finland


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Talihalli cancelled our student price. Now it's 44 EUR/court.2hr
9.5 EUR per person


• Fee includes courts and plastic shuttles. Please register and pay before you come. NO refund if you do not cancel until 48 hours before the event.

• Racket: bring one or rent 1 at the counter.


• Please use Paypal to pay. We DON'T accept bank transfer or cash. No exceptions! (I will need to check each single payment many many times every week manually, if I accept bank transfer or cash. I can't afford this.)

• If you cancelled earlier than 48 hours before the event, send Ken a message for refunding.


• Organizer(s) will arrive at the lobby 5 min before the meeting.

• Come earlier if it's your first time so that I can have 2 minutes to explain you how we play together.

• Rules for doubles (https://www.masterbadminton.com/badminton-rules-doubles.html). Faults (https://www.masterbadminton.com/badminton-fouls.html).

• Badminton activity is organized 100% for non-profit purpose. Financial records are opened to everyone: https://goo.gl/EBJt1n.

• Want to restring your racket? Only cost 15 EUR including the string. Click "Read more" and check the bottom of the page.

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