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Hidden Gems of Toronto Walking Tour Explore a hidden side of the city. After living in Germany and Japan, I decided to explore my hometown as much as I had explored when I lived abroad. I discovered very interesting places that I want to share with people who are visiting my hometown. The tour will be mostly in English but I can answer your questions in Japanese. This tour was designed for international students living in Toronto but everyone is welcome! You'll see some secret hidden places and get some history and fascinating little stories that will impress and entertain your friends. At the end of the tour, you'll know part of the city better than most Torontonians!

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Hidden Gems of Toronto's Darkest Secrets

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So you want to hear all about Toronto's darkest moments, do you?
Toronto has a rich and varied history, we all know that, or we should.

Let's explore new and old stories of Toronto's darkest historical moments, a new crop of dark secrets, and a few of the old stories to make the blood run cold. It's a new tour!

And these secrets will be revealed in time. That's all I'm saying. I guess you'll have to sign up and commit to the true darkness hidden in the human spirit.

This horrific walking tour is for all levels and walkers.

The tour begins on the site of the old Ford Hotel at the northeast corner of Dundas Street West and Bay Street, or the western doors to the Atrium on Bay. The tour ends at old City Hall on Queen Street West.

And if you dare, I'll see you soon on Toronto's Darkest side.

This tour is tip based and greatly appreciated.

Hidden Gems of the Toronto Trail!

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A walking trail that links Toronto's most beloved heritage buildings and sights, and the stories attached. For residents and visitors alike this trail will help to bring history alive for all.

Toronto Trail Sites include stops that trace the birth and westward development of Toronto under Peter Russel. Stops which tell the fascinating story of Toronto.

This walking trail links 25 historic sites, and over time I hope to include many more in an historic loop. From the great fires to the banking halls of the 20th century to the hanging yards at Court Street and Toronto Street, the centre of modern cruelty, where thousands gathered to watch men die at the end of the rope.

The opulent hotels, and banking halls that made Toronto one of the fastest growing cities in North America are explored. I travel little known lanes, and the stories about them, of people and families, which contributed to the very fabric of our city. Stories that have been forgotten over time, and need to be retold.

Toronto is a city of many tales from many cultures, and our history has not been told. Hopefully, the Toronto Trail will fill in some of those missing blanks.

This walking tour is for all fitness levels and skills. Please dress for the weather. This walking tour begins outside the old Post Office at Adelaide Street East and George Street just north of the George Brown College, St. James Campus.

This tour is tip based and greatly appreciated. And see you on the trail!

Hidden Gems of Toronto: Ghosts, and the Duo of Doom!

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Kick off July with a few ghost stories, and some stories that will surly cool the blood.

True stories of both the Mercer Reformatory and the Central Prison. But first we all love it. The end of summer tradition. The food building, the rides, the concerts, the memories. But there are also stories, of strange beings stalking the closed buildings, of the horror of the Noronic.
So how haunted is the CNE? There are stories of hauntings that stretch back decades.

From the Horticultural building that served as the emergency morgue for a Toronto disaster to the General Services building near the Princes' gates, stories of sightings, and the unexplained.

This walking tour shares the latest information on recent hauntings of the Grand Old Lady by the Lake. But the tour doesn't end there!
Mercer, and Central Prison, of what I call the duo of doom. A part of shameful Toronto history. But the history has not been shared with Torontonians willingly.

What went on behind closed doors would shock even the most shock proof of individuals. Travel back to the time of the Mercer, and the Central Prison.

Maybe we might even see something we can't identify or explain. Let me be your tour guide to the Netherworld!

The tour begins at the southwest corner of Dufferin Street and Springhurst Avenue, adjacent to the TTC streetcar loop.

This tour is for guests above the age of 12!

This tour is tip based and greatly appreciated.

Hidden Gems of the PATH: History and Guide! (FULL PATH TOUR)

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I've heard it so many times, with so many people, the common refrain, "I got lost in the PATH." If you are one of the many who have simply vanished in Toronto's underground never to be seen again, check out this historical walking tour.

This tour demystifies the PATH system and explains how it works. It takes walkers through the system and points out the crucial connectors and branches within the system to effortlessly guide the lost through the maze. Once experienced, the PATH will be an invaluable aid to navigating the downtown, in both summer and winter, rain or shine, hurricane or drought. You might even enjoy getting lost in the underground, lost but not forgotten.

This walk is for all fitness levels and skills. This tour is indoors, so please dress for the conditions, and is considered an all-weather​ tour.

The walk begins outside the old Toronto Bus Terminal at 610 Bay Street just north of Bay Street and Dundas Street. Please meet up five minutes before departure time.

This tour is tip based and greatly appreciated.

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Hidden Gems of Mount Pleasant Cemetery

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