What we're about

You are invited to get in on something new - a creative combination of fitness and innovation, i.e. using fitness, the outdoors and free flowing conversation to get creative and open-minded people together to share or develop some really good ideas.

What you’ll get: Exercise, more blood flow and oxygen to the brain, better ideas, great feedback from interesting people, collaboration and nice views.

Who this is for: Creative, interesting, thinking, open-minded, positive, idealistic, big concept, visionary, ground breaking, considerate, collaborative people who envision something better.... and who also like to hike, run or be in motion.

We are especially open to "multi-potentialites (http://puttylike.com/terminology/)," (or people with many different interests and talents) but that doesn't mean you have to be one to join... just open to ideas.

What we do: hikes, "pitch," discuss, “go deep,” elaborate, plan... and brainstorm.

We're interested in starting a YouTube channel and have begun recording some of our conversations, under the theme of "ideas in motion."

Do you want to be interviewed on a hike for our YouTube Channel? Are you interested in promoting your concept?

Contact the founder (Lee Chazen) at the bottom of the site here under "contact." https://sway.com/iKbUWFXxyDM6iI8h

Other reasons to join:

• Fitness

• Networking

• Good ideas

• Promotion of your ideas, information, business, etc.

• A positive, judgement free environment to name a few…

• Commitment. Sometimes, when you truly want to commit to something, making a payment means you’re more likely to show up. If you truly want to gain the benefits of this group, we encourage you to participate.


This is not you’re normal hiking group. It’s part business, psychology, emotional intelligence, confidence building, fitness, education, business strategy and promotion.

All this requires planning and administration and a $5 or $10 donation will help off set at least some of the costs to make this happen. Thanks for supporting HikeStorming!

Past events (24)

The Shine Jazz Jam (Free Jazz Night)

Needs a location

Improv for Thinkers: Ideas in Motion

Foot of the Guy West Bridge

Improv Session for Thinkers

Foot of the Guy West Bridge

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