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Who is this group for? Individuals, couples and young adults who want to hike, socialize and have some fun adventures exploring trails. The average age of the group is 30 to 65, hiking pace is moderate and distance varies so sign up for the hikes you want to do.

How do I join this group? Click the Join Now link on the website is step one.

When do we hike? Mostly on the weekends and at least twice a month. Hikes are usually 2 to 4 hours (usually 7 klms to 10klms) and some are weekends away. Hiking times, distance, dates and details are found on the members calendar when you sign up.

Where do we hike? We do a lot of hiking in the Durham Region and mix it up with adventures north, west, south and east of Durham Region to places like Algonquin, Hamilton, Owen Sound, Lyndsay and Orangeville.

What Can I expect? Adventures that explore the beauty of nature. Hiking Buddies is a small business I've delighted in creating. The hiking pace is moderate with an allowance to time enjoy the sites, take pictures and climb into a cave. Sign up for as many as you like, each hike is posted on the website with lots or details. We've been hiking for 7 years! There are costs for special events like weekends away or wine tastings tours. Regular hikes are $5. Come out as often as you can and explore water falls, caves, old growth forests and pot luck socials.

"Let natures peace flow into you, as sunshine flows into the trees.

Absorb the beauty that surrounds, and cares drop off like autumn leaves." Heather Walter

How much is it? The cost is posted on each hike with directions and details about the event. A small fee of $5 or more is a typical amount. Payment is made at the hike you attend. You are buying my services to organize you, lead you and delight you with new and fun experiences. You are also getting fellowship with the buddies and they are a great, great bunch! The best! Just want to try out a hike? If you don't enjoy your first hike you will be refunded, no questions asked.

How do I join and see the upcoming hikes? Become a member and things to include when you sign up, your photo and last name or initial for easy management of payments and attendance records.

Heather Walter

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