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Hello! Welcome to the South Central Missouri Canoe Hiking and Kayaking Club!
I want to welcome everyone to this group. I would also like to thank Cassaundra Hites for the effort she initially made in setting up this Meetup Group. I have made a few changes, but for the most part this group and its activities shall remain the same. Most importantly, all members will continue to have an equal opportunity to participate, plan and organize future events. Your constructive input is always helpful, and it's key in helping us plan exciting events.
Events need to be well organized, with as much detail given to the event as possible. Please don't leave us hanging by posting an event and leaving the "details to follow". If you need help, we're there for you.
Mutual respect is something that is expected among all members attending any event. Please leave any prejudices or judgment of others at home when you plan an event or agree to attend an event that someone else has scheduled. The idea here is to have fun, enjoy nature, be relaxed and enjoy our time together.

Many possibilities await those willing to be adventurous and put forth the effort in doing so.
Let's have some fun!

Canoeing and Kayaking

Leisure/Sight Seeing (Zoo, Museums, etc.)

Backpacking/Overnight hikes

and whatever event you may want to host!

Upcoming events (4)

North Fork Float Trip

Petit's Canoe Rental

I have added/updated information for this event. Please keep the following in mind: 1- Please make sure that your RSVP is kept current. If you take the time to sign up, please make sure you also take the time to let us know if your plans have changed and that you won't be able to make it. 2- Please be respectful of others. We're here to have fun, enjoy the river and the outdoors. We're not here to gossip about others, have lengthy political discussions, etc. 3-Most people are already aware of this, but if you aren't, no glass on the river. The above "suggestions" should be easy enough to follow. The float will start Saturday morning at Pettit's Canoe Rental. That's also where we'll be camping for the weekend. I've floated the North Fork many times over the years, but I've never tried this place. Seems like a good place, though. It's clean and right on the river. Pettit's will shuttle kayaks and canoes 10 miles upstream to the put in point at Hammond Camp. From there we'll float back to the campground at Petit's. Ten miles takes about six hours float time. I float at a leisurely pace, and I stop to check out springs, rock formations, take pictures, etc. Sunday we can either float downstream from Pettit's or repeat the section we did on Saturday. We can leave that decision open and decide that when we are there. Since the trip is still three months away, I'm going to hold off on making plans for meals except to say that lunch for Saturday is on the river and up to you. North Fork is a beautiful river, and usually not crowded. A bit of a drive, but well worth the effort!

Get In! Paddle! Enjoy!

Greer Recreation Area

Looking for some hearty souls to enjoy the upper section of the Eleven Point River. This section has been unavailable for some time due to flooding and other issues, but everything should be good to go now. The upper river is seldom floated, yet absolutely a charm! Springs that most people never see are waiting for you. But, the first day may be a long one, so be advised! 17 miles. We'll put in at Thomasville, and float down to Greer Crossing Campground, where we'll be camping. If water levels are low, we'll put in at Cane Bluff and float down to Greer. At this point, I'm looking to see who might be interested. Please don't RSVP if you aren't seriously considering this float! More specific details to follow.

Red, White, Blue and You!

Sunburst Ranch

A few notes: If you RSVP, you should be reasonably sure that you will be attending this trip. As always, keep your RSVP up to date. There will be a fireworks show Thursday night. I would advise those who might like to bring there dogs not to do so this time. No fireworks or glass on the river! The North Fork is always a good float. We'll pass four springs on the way. McKee bridge is a good photo opportunity. The Falls are a good run. I've floated this river on the 4th of July before. It's busy, but not crowded. Water quality is excellent. I'm planning on floating Thursday, the usual ten mile run from Hammond and ending at Sunburst Ranch. Sunburst Ranch was virtually wiped out from the flood of 2017, but is back up and running. $40.00/ day for canoes. $35.00/day for kayaks. The same rate applies for shuttling. Camping $10.00/person/day. We'll be able to take our time and make the most of this river. I think it's one of the best in the state. There are two trophy trout areas.

Members Choice Float!

Location TBD

I picked the date, you guys pick the location! Let's check out some fall foliage. Chip in your two cents worth about where you'd like to go! 😃

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