Canceled Meetup

Hike Banff, AB

Needs a location


Time to exercise those passports!

I usually do a hike with a buddy every fall somewhere in Montana or Canada. Alas, this year his gaggle of sisters all got married and he's already used all his leave. So I thought I'd see if any of the good folks in my hiking meetup groups want to make the trek.

I describe Banff as 10x prettier than Yellowstone and Glacier combined. It really is that great of a park to visit.

I usually leave on a Friday and come back the following Friday so this is a week long event. Cost for flight, hotel and food will easily run $1000 total. We may be able to split rooms depending on the comfort level of those going.

Last time I went we stayed here and it was very nice and the cost was reasonable.

It's not a cheap trip but well worth the effort and money.

I usually go late August. But we could probably push into mid September before you have to start packing the really heavy cold gear. I'm flexible and can do what the group wants.

There will be day hikes every day between 10 and 25 miles long. I usually wing it and ask the locals at the bar where they recommend for good hiking that is away from the tourists.

Ideally I'd like to keep the group under a half dozen. I can coordinate all the reservations but I will need checks from people because the cost is high and I can't carry a no show.