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COMPLETELY LEGAL Night Hike - Gunpowder Falls Wildlands loop

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There are rules for those attending this hike that are listed below and strictly enforced. The park rangers have graciously allowed me to host these as long as I run a tight ship. Anybody that is unwilling and unable to comply will not be allowed to start the hikes with us. If you do not follow the rules during the hike you will be asked to not come to a future night hike. So please read all the rules before RSVP'ing.

*********** MUST READ RULES BELOW ***********

I need a few things that are absolute from everyone doing these night hikes with me.

1) You must have already hiked this trail or you must be an experienced hiker. If you have not hiked this trail, email me and tell me about your hiking experience indicating distances, terrain, speeds and if you have any night hike experience.

2) We all need a light, preferably a head lamp so your hands are free. This is non-negotiable. I don't care how good your eyesight is, you're not a cat. You cannot see in the dark, even with time to adjust.

3) We all need to bring sufficient water - 1 liter minimum.

4) You are responsible for yourself. If you start to fall behind, yell out to the group to stop. I will keep a close eye on everyone and have a sweeper. But ultimately you are responsible for yourself and must speak up if you have an issue.

*********** MUST READ RULES ABOVE ************

********** AND NOW THE FUN STUFF ***********

Wildlands map:

Total distance will be about 4.6 miles. As this is a loop there is no bail off area so please be able to do the full distance. There is one moderate hill at the beginning. After that it is mostly flat with gentle hills and three stream crossings of any significance. This trail is commonly used for trail running so it is wide, well worn and one of the more comfortable ones to do at night. Please plan to be able to keep up at 2.5 miles per hour pace for 1.5 hours without significant breaks. That said we will stop around 3 miles in and chill at the rock formation/swimming hole area on the river. It's a really nice spot to sit in the moon light and quietly chill. :)

We will step off at 6:30PM. If you are late post to this message board since I check it right before we step off. Traffic can be a huge variable so please plan for some level of insanity. If you call me and need a few minutes I can generally hold the group a little while. And if you miss because of traffic I won't mark you as a no show. Just let me know.

Meet at the Northern most part of the GPL parking lot, to the right of the restaurant if you are facing the restaurant. Please park to the left of the restaurant. Leave the premium parking spaces for the customers that are not hiking for a few hours. :)

If something happens and you need to reach my txt or call me at:


Dogs are now welcome on this hike. But they need to be well behaved and on leash. Also, I'll give a quick lesson at the beginning of the hike for how to approach a new dog and minimize your chances of mauling. :)

Long hiking pants and two layers of top clothes are highly recommended! It's getting cold at night now.

I expect all hikers to be respectful to each other. One would think this doesn't need to be said but I've had some issues recently. So I need to make a rule that I can reference and say, hey you, go be a jerk somewhere else!

If you cannot attend please change your RSVP. Two no-shows will result in me asking you to remove yourself from future events that have a wait list.

This event is no longer cross posted with other groups. Just Hiking Around Baltimore folks will be attending.

If the group wants we can continue for an extra mile or two on the Lost Pond trail South of Rte 1 and bump this up to about 7 miles.

Also we could grab a drink afterward at Gunpowder lodge or another nearby restaurant. Group decides.