PokemonGo: Gotta Catch 'Em All... with XCode :)

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During this Workshop, Dora will explain and demonstrate the Pokemon Go iOS Hack using Xcode and GPS Location spoofing.

This workshop is for educational purposes only.

To do this workshop you will need:

• Your own Mac

• with Xcode already installed and ready to use

• Your own iPhone

Important: We will check IDs at the entrance. You will not be able to enter the school if you are not on the list. Please give us your real name when you register to this event.

About Dora Korpar

Dora Korpar (https://twitter.com/DoraKorpar) is a student at Holberton School, where she is studying to become a full-stack software engineer. She has a strong interest in low-level programming and deep learning. Previous education includes a bachelor's degree in biology and an emphasis in writing. She currently lives in San Francisco.

About Holberton School

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