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The purpose of this group is to spread the word about Holotropic Breathwork groups to a larger number of people, as well as share when the different groups are happening. With this group I want to provide a space for those curious and new to the work, to experience it for the first time in a supportive and nourishing environment. As well as those who have practiced it for some time, have a place and a community to come back to.

I have found through the years, that this work is a wonderful way of accessing deep parts within us; release the pressures from daily life; expand our awareness of ourselves, those around us and the cosmos we are part of; as well as have a permissive and nourishing space that can allow the healing intelligence within our psyche to emerge from inside rather than directed by the outside.

Holotropic Breathwork is a method of using expanded states of awareness for self exploration, healing and personal transformation. It was developed by Dr. Stanislav and Christina Grof, leading pioneers in the field of transpersonal psychology. It is based on insights from various spiritual practices, modern consciousness research, and depth psychology. An experiential approach to accessing the inner healing wisdom within each individual.

HOLOTROPIC BREATHWORK TM combines breathing, evocative music, focused release bodywork, mandala drawing and group sharing. By activating the unconscious and mobilizing blocked energies, this work gives us access to all levels of human experience and activates the spontaneous healing potential of the psyche.

This work is of value to those interested in the journey of inner exploration, self-discovery and spiritual awareness. It is a wonderful adjunct to psychotherapy and other forms of inner work, as well as a powerful method of self-care for helping professionals. Our intention in the workshop is to create a safe and supportive environment in which each participant can surrender fully to the sensations, feelings or experiences that come up during the session.

I facilitate groups in the East Bay and San Francisco area, one day format as well as retreats in a beautiful setting. I can also travel to your area if you would like a group.

On FRIDAY EVENING before every one day Holotropic Breathwork workshop there is an FREE introductory talk for all new participants in preparation for the work, as well as for the general public interested in hearing about this work, with no commitment to attend the workshop (Please RSVP for this talk at 415.336.13.50)

CREATIVE INTEGRATION is a process of using the expressive arts, somatic awareness, ritual and when appropriate the astrological chart. As a way of deepening and integrating the material that comes out of the work with expanded states of consciousness into our daily lives. For those who request them, Mireya offers creative integration sessions after the workshops to support an ongoing integration process.



SUMMER INTENSIVE: Healing the Wounds of History and Holotropic Breathwork August 4th to August 7th. A multicultural gathering exploring historical and collective trauma.

September 17th, November 5th and December 10th One day Holotropic Breathwork workshops.


FOR MORE INFORMATION : GO TO www.almaquecanta.com, here at meet-up or call 415.336.13.50

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One day Holotropic Breathwork workshop on February 23rd, 2018 - Oakland Hills

BREATHE...EXPLORE...RELEASE...EXPAND (http://www.almaquecanta.com/holotropic-breathwork.html) This one day workshop will be a day of deep exploration within a setting of fellow breathers. This work combines breathing, evocative music, focused release bodywork, mandala drawing and group sharing. If you wish to attend this workshop, your registration is not complete until you make payment, fill in forms and have a phone check in with Mireya or have heard from her you can go ahead and register. Thank you!!! To complete your registration please contact Mireya at [masked] One day workshops are a wonderful way to get to know this work or deepen your ongoing practice. Some of what Holotropic Breathwork (http://www.almaquecanta.com/holotropic-breathwork.html) can offer: You feel stuck in your life, creativity & energy and would like a new & lasting way of unlocking these blockages. Would love to feel a fuller & more authentic way of being and expressing. You are someone deeply committed to your growth, self exploration & spiritual awareness. Would like a safe & supportive container where you can tap into the vast palette of our humanity with full permission: angry, joy, grieving, beauty, freedom, shadow places, rapture, emptiness, & so much more. Tired of approaches that are focused on the mind and would like an embodied way of exploring psyche / soul. TO REGISTER FOR WORKSHOP (http://www.almaquecanta.com/registration-and-forms.html): Please call Mireya at[masked] or email her at [masked] before you register, even if you have confirmed your attendance in the meet up group. All the information for registration is in the Holotropic Breathwork section of my website at www.almaquecanta.com. (http://www.almaquecanta.com/holotropic-breathwork.html) General registration for one day: $200 (until January 21st) After this date: $229 (After January 21st) If you have already attended my groups you can register here: http://www.almaquecanta.com/registration-and-forms.html (http://www.almaquecanta.com/holotropic-breathwork.html) There are some student discounts, bundle packages and work exchange positions available. Cost includes snacks, a light dinner and an optional integration call a week later. If you can't make this one join us in one of our other 2019 workshops!

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