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We want to meet other artists and art lovers in Hong Kong who are interested in traditional representational/realist drawing, painting, and sculpture - especially in the Western Old Masters tradition.


This Meetup is great for anyone who wants come to social events related to representational art. We are currently networking and planning events, but we expect to organize potluck dinners, drinks, talks, drawing and painting classes, possibly portrait sessions, life drawing, plein air painting, art history discussions, exhibit visits, heritage trail landscape meetups and more. Anyone who has ideas is certainly welcome to present them.


Some meetups will take place in a 250-year-old Chinese village house located on the Ping Shan Heritage Trail (near Yuen Long and Tin Shui Wai). This is our home and my studio, and where I teach drawing and painting. We also have another studio venue in Mong Kok (nearby the MTR station exit A2). Anyone interested in learning is welcome to contact us.


An article by Ecozine Magazine interviewed us on our heritage house at Ping Shan Heritage Trail. 環保雜誌ECOZINE ,訪問了George Tang 左字廚房 George Kitchen (https://www.facebook.com/GeorgeKitchenGeorgeTang/) & Stuart Hamby Visual Artist & Painter (https://www.facebook.com/stuarthambyvisualartist/) 作為記念四月十八日【世界文化遺產日】的文章 http://www.ecozine.com/article/world-heritage-day


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Hope to meetup with you all soon,

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