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What we’re about

The original Norwich Meetup group for forward-thinking creatives

Hot Source is on a mission to fire up your creativity and blow your mind with events that will help you become better creators and problem solvers.

Come with us to delve deeper into that messy but magical world of creativity in its many forms. Whether in digital or analog, we’ll tackle opportunities and challenges facing thinkers and makers today.

By exploring different ideas, processes and skills and share our diverse perspectives, you can find new and unexpected paths and ways to work smarter and more collaboratively.

As well as hearing talks that share great ideas, our interactive workshops will inspire action and encourage execution by getting you doing and making, as well as listening and learning.

Norwich and the East is so full of interesting people doing cool and very creative work that you probably don’t even know about. Help us discover, support and share that awesomeness within - and also outside - our creative community.

So come along to meet like-minded people but also those who you might not otherwise come across. You might find opportunities for collaboration or simply just have fun and meet someone new.

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