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Photowalk: Sunrise Over Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier
The beautiful pano by Srini Sundarrajan ( is a wonderful example of a "Must Have" portfolio photo for Houston Photographers: Sunrise over the Galveston Pleasure Pier. About This Photowalk This is a GREAT time of year for the Sun's angle behind the pier. There are two sets of breakers that are perfect for getting a beautiful sunrise shot. Note #1: We haven't done this event since 2013 -- last time someone fell and got hurt. It is *EXTREMELY* slick where we will be walking. WEAR APPROPRIATE SHOES FOR THIS EVENT, no slick sandals, heels, or shoes with poor traction. If I ask to see your shoes, its not a fetish thing, I'm genuinely concerned about everyone's safety. I'm not into feet, seriously. Note #2: Since this is such an early AM meeting, we will have our usual social gathering at a restaurant AFTER the event rather than before. I will set up a breakfast meetup so we can grub, rub elbows, and chat all things photography for later in the day. "Blue Hour" lighting will start about 5:30am, or official meetup time. Feel free to show up earlier if you want to get some extreme low-light and wave shots. If the weather conditions are right, we might get some plane fly-overs and a few stars. 5:30am is the official start time, but feel free to show up earlier if you want to practice your extreme low-light wave shots. Sunrise will be around 6:20-6:30am or so. As the sun starts to rise, you can pick the perfect location to nail your morning sunrise shot. We will stay pretty close together, at least within shouting distance for those who would prefer not to be out in the dark alone. Parking You can park along the sea wall or across the street. Remember it's going to be dark so bring your flash light. Also, please wear some light-colored clothing so it will be easy to find the body if anything goes wrong. Tips For This Event LOOK FOR MY SUV. It's a black Ford Escape with a roof rack and grill guard. I will have a stack of bottles of water near the truck for anyone that forgot to bring some. Even though this will be early in the AM, its still going to be hot, stay hydrated. The water bottles I will brink are easy to collapse into a ball when empty, so you can store them in your pocket and dispose of them responsibly. You will be shooting near sand and wind. I strongly suggest you don't swap lenses during this shoot. For best image results, bring a good sturdy tripod and your favorite trigger. Bring an extra set of clothes if you plan to do additional photowalking during the day. If you get wet and/or sandy, you'll want to swap outfits rather than have sand in your undies. To help your lenses (and your body) acclimate to the temperature and humidity, drive to the location with your AC turned OFF and windows rolled DOWN. Also keep your camera bag open and lens cap popped off. Otherwise you'll be miserable and your lenses will be fogged. As with all events at HoustonPhotowalks, this event will not be canceled for rain. So check the weather and dress appropriately. Bring plastic bags to toss your gear in if it starts to pour!

Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier

2501 Seawall Boulevard · Galveston, TX


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