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At least once a month at HoustonPhotowalks.com, we drum up some crazy idea for a place to photograph and practice our photo techniques. We're a fun bunch, no pressure, no stress. Come ready to learn and share what you know among other photographers.

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This group is perfect for new camera owners, novice hobby photographers, and old dogs that have been shooting photos for a long time.

Our group has 3 main principles that guide our way:

• Fun and Safe (we want you to have a great time, and not die).

• Honor the amateur photography clubs that came before us. Their enthusiastic interest in photography paved the way for the technology evolution that allows us to capture light today.

• Education, of ourselves, each other and the community. We learn our best techniques from each other, and we teach the community that photographers aren't jerks, criminals or terrorists.

Upcoming events (3)

Photowalk: Houston's Transient Art, Murals and Graffiti, 200 Locations!

Bring a friend and/or some family for cute pictures with a Houston-centric backdrop of local Graffiti, Wall Murals, and outdoor Transient Art! Dress up in favorite outfits and take advantage of our April weather!

It's been 6 years since our last Wall Mural and Graffiti photowalk run, so let's get outside and enjoy some sun and local Houston art! My son Alex has been helping me drive around looking for murals. We compile 200 locations onto several area maps.

A link to the google map will be sent out the night before the event, and the map will be available for the entire weekend. You can connect to the map via your phone, and each location has buttons so you can navigate there with your GPS.

If you can't attend this event or would just prefer to get a PDF of the map instead, I also made it available for purchase as a 200-page PDF on the HoustonPhotowalks website store. It comes with maps to each location:


The cost of this event and the PDF maps helps me and Alex pay for the gas we burned while compiling the list.

The maps are divided up into geographic areas, so regardless of which side of town you are on, there is a starting point near you. You can do one or two of the sections (about 20 locations per section), or if you are bold, do ALL 200 in a single weekend. That's gonna be a lotta driving though. :)

If you find any murals that aren't on the map, you can help out! Just photograph the location with your phone (with GPS turned on), and email me the photo. I will grab the GPS data from the photo for next year's map!

Alex took pictures of Graffiti while I drove around. The addresses are based on GPS data on his phone. We used google maps to convert the GPS coordinates into addresses, and then I made maps with the locations. So keep the following in mind:

1) Most murals are visible from the street, so you can locate the mural location while driving, then get out and shoot it.
2) The addresses are NEAR the location, not always on top of the location.
3) Quite often there are several murals within one block, we counted that as one address.
4) Some murals are on the side or behind buildings, so be sure and go all the way around the block.
5) These are all on private property, most places don't mind you photographing, but be respectful while you are there, and remember you can't "sell" the photographs of someone else's art.
6) Most places are fine with you taking pictures of friends, families, and selfies. BUT, it's important to ask permission before bringing a paying photography client on private property for photography.

Class: Lightroom Classic Collections, Basic Editing and Tips and Tricks

Lightroom Classic's Library can oft times create a lot of confusion - especially when it comes to Collections. One professional photographer described Folders as the boxes you keep your negatives in and Collections as the albums you put your finished images in to show them to others.

If you've taken Joe's class "A Photographer's Workflow Part 1 (File Management and Backup Strategy)", you know where (an external drive) and how to organize your Folders to keep your images organized.

This class takes a closer look at Collections - from setting up Collection Sets, Collections, culling through images, making "Picks" and "Selects", ways to work smarter in Lightroom, and some tips and tricks. We'll finish with a review of the basics of editing in Lightroom Classic.

This is an online class using Zoom, will last about 2 hours, plus any additional time for Q&A as needed. Class Keynote will be made available shortly before the class begins for taking notes.

When you sign up/pay for the class, the Zoom link will be available to you on this class page.

If you know someone who might benefit from this class, please feel free to let them know about it.

RSVP and Payment Info:
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Have a question? Check the FAQ first, and then *PRIVATELY* contact the organizer *BEFORE* posting comments. The organizer will not be available starting 1-hour prior to the class and during the class. So get any questions to the organizer early in the day.

We will use the latest and most secure version of Zoom. To make sure you are ready for the event, please test: https://zoom.us/test

Trip: The Great Migration of Northern Serengeti 2021, HoustonPhotowalks discount

Welcome to Tanzania! Escape Houston's brutal heat, take advantage of the extremely low air fairs, and come photograph some of the planet's most interesting and beautiful animals as we follow the migration in Northern Serengeti!

Brambleberry Tours is offering 4 Houston Photowalks members a $1,000 discount on their next Serengeti Safari Photography Tour. Timing is really short, so we are gathering names of people who may be interested in taking one of the four spots.

Regular price: $6,400 / person

*** HoustonPhotowalks Discounted Price: $5,400 / person

You can read the full details at this link: https://www.brambleberrytours.com/the-great-migration-of-northern-serengeti-2021/

If you would like one of the 4 spots with the $1,000 discount, contact me and we'll get the ball rolling ([masked]).

The trip price includes accommodations, ground transportation, food, park and conservation fees, government taxes, VAT, and tourism levies. You basically pay for air fair, Visa and personal extras.

Here are some of the highlights:

Day 2: Arusha-Tarangire National Park:

Tarangire National Park where herds of elephants scratch the dry riverbed for underground streams, while migratory wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, impala, gazelle, hartebeest, and eland crowd the shrinking lagoons.

Day 3 & 4: Tarangire- Ngorongoro Conservation Area:

Ngorongoro is a deep, volcanic crater, the largest unflooded and unbroken caldera in the world. About 20kms across, 600 meters deep and 300 sq kms in area, the Ngorongoro Crater is a breathtaking natural wonder.

Ngorongoro crater has a wildlife population of about 25,000 large animals live in the crater. They include the critically endangered black rhinoceros, hippopotamus, wildebeest Burchell's zebra, eland, Grant’s, and Thomson’s gazelles. The crater has the densest known population of lion. On the crater rim are the leopard and the endangered African elephant, mountain reedbuck, and buffalo.

Day 5, 6 & 7: Ngorongoro - Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park – Home of the Great Migration. We are first heading to Serengeti National Park Central Area! The road takes us through beautiful countrysides inhabited by pastoralists with large herds of cows and goats, with volcanic hills and flat-topped acacias. Large herds of antelopes and birds in this unspoiled wilderness.

Day 8: Optional Hot Air Ballooning

A once in a lifetime journey across the Serengeti Plains Observing the migration herds and animals of Serengeti from the serene Hit Air Baloon above.

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