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Texas Textbooks: Register to Testify TODAY

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Creationists and climate change deniers tried to take over the Texas textbook review process. They wanted to force publishers to insert “biblical creationism,” the usual litany of long-discredited attacks on evolution, and denial that humans have even changed the carbon cycle (let alone the climate) into textbooks.

Next Tuesday is your first chance to tell the board to reject these absurd editing requests. The state board of education hearing is Tuesday, September 17th.

To register to attend, you need to fill out and send a form (PDF link) ( to the Texas Education Agency immediately. The form has a button that will e-mail itself directly to TEA, or you can fax it to 512-936-4319, deliver it to the TEA offices in Austin, or call TEA at 512-463-9007 and they’ll take down your information.

Texas Freedom Network has detailed instructions ( on how to fill the form out, and what to bring with you that day. I hope you can join your fellow Texan science supporters at noon on Tuesday, before the hearing, for a rally in support of honest science textbooks.

You can be sure that creationists and other science deniers will turn out in force on Tuesday, and our school children need you to help protect textbooks.

• Who: You, Texas, and the board of education

• When: Tuesday, September 17. Rally at noon, hearing begins at 1.

• Where: The William B. Travis Building, 1701 N. Congress Ave., Austin, TX

• What: Hearing on the K-12 Science textbooks to be used in schools for the next decade

• Why: Show support for good science education, and make sure the board and publishers see that Texans want straight-shooting, honest textbooks, and to leave creationism and other ideological agendas aside.

• Wear: Green! So the board can see we all stand together.