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When someone begins a relationship he/she is getting into something, which is to say, the least adventurous.

In fact, most relationships or marriages get started without each partner doing something they know nothing about. I say this only because if we knew what kept a relationship together as humans, why are there so many broken ones?

Some who get into a relationship or marriage think the way this is suppose to go is: on some bright sunny June day this handsome (or not so handsome) brute, and this beautiful girl (or not so beautiful), come together, and they say "I do, till death do us part ..." And they think they have made a marriage. But they haven't even started yet.

This Meetup is designed to help you understand what to look for in a companion before you are too far in, and it is a mess to break it up. These core principles (not taught anywhere else) are essentials to any lasting relationships.

So RSVP now and let's get you these tools.


“I found a lot of answers that I’ve always been looking for and some I didn’t realize I was looking for that showed up. It almost seemed too simple, like ‘is it really that easy? It really is!’” — David


“With what I learned I have been able to succeed in my field, at my job, and I have to say that it has really helped me to achieve my dreams, and achieve them in the best way possible.” — Daniella


“I was very insecure, and wondered why I was not succeeding in life. Now I have a lot of certainty. I can deal with people better and can help them better. Now I know me!” — Cynthia


“I’m very much an outdoors, rough and tumble kind of guy. Now my interaction with people is tremendously better. My wife and I get along amazingly. Day-to-day life is a joy. There’s nothing that we don’t seem to be able to handle now.” — Shawn

NOTE: I am a Scientologist. All of the meetups for this group will take place at the local Church of Scientology. However, in case you wonder whether this group is for changing your religion, the answer is no.

For example, if you are a Christian or a Muslim, then I wish you to be the best Christian or Muslim you can be. The reason we are meeting here is because this is the one place in Connecticut where I observe resources for real help are offered.

But most importantly, we are going to help you work on having a better future—a better mindset, a better lifestyle, better mental health, and a better future relationships.

Join this group now and let's get started.

Call me (Bill) at[masked] if you have any questions.