What we're about

Technology shapes us as individuals and as a society.

Let's imagine and develop technology that embraces rather than exploits human nature. As the Center for Humane Technology states in its mission: “To reverse human downgrading by inspiring a new race to the top and realigning technology with humanity.”

While inspired by this mission, this group also adds to this work a Berlin vibe with topics such as ethics in technology, our human relationship with tech, and its implications for the individual and society.

We are an interdisciplinary group of technologists, designers, and interested individuals. We seek to connect with experts and NGOs in the field in order to collectively shape our practice, imagine new products and services, develop tools and methods, and influence our work as professionals and the sector at large.

We welcome all interested individuals from any field.

Join our community on Slack too: https://join.slack.com/t/humanetechberlin/shared_invite/enQtNjYxODYyMzkwMzY5LTZlYjMzZjY3ZTZhZTcxOTU5MDIwOTE5ZjY4YzhiY2JjMjE0NDk4MmJhODhhZWMzMzFlMjY0YzgyYWFjOTk5MGY

Past events (6)

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[Screening] The Great Hack, a Netflix Original Documentary

Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park

[Workshop] How might we create the Humane Tech Berlin ecosystem?

Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park

Consumed by the Internet — An Event on Digital Addiction

Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park

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